Boxwood borders

schoolhouse_gwJuly 17, 2012

I'm so happy with the way these hedges are shaping up, this is the second trimming I did yesterday with the hedge trimmers. When I did the first trimming in May, I really cut out, and off, alot to shape them better. Even the parts that had nearly died during the cold winter three years ago have come back great. A little wonky along the tops here and there but I call that "the natural look". ha Also I don't think you have as much control with power trimmers like you do with scissors, but - cuts time in half. I started at 8:30a in the morning before it got hot and finished at 11:30a. There are three more pieces to do but they are much easier than the borders and I'll do them later. NOT today, it's noon and it's already 90 degrees.

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Wow, that looks great, you're doing a wonderful job! I love Boxwood, have not attempted to grow it here in Texas.

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Thanks ogrose. In the beginning I always thought it was a fussy shrub, not very hardy, ect.; but that was over 20yrs. ago and so far I've learned differently. The crescent bed with the annual blue salvia and marigolds was planted in 2004 according to my garden photo diary. Since that's the earliest I began the diary I can only guess at the age of the square border surrounding the topiary.

As I mentioned in my first post, I only had one winter where it experienced major die back from wind damage. Surprised at how much it recuperated over three to four years.

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I may have learned a hard lesson. This morning the boxwood looked great, tonight I'm seeing something that I didn't think about happening - sun burn? esp. on top, not so noticeable on the sides. Makes sense, even tho there would be old growth under the new that I trimmed off, the old has been shaded since May. With our high temps and being in full sun there might be cause for concern. There is always the normal white edges of the cut leaves, whether done with scissors or electric trimmer; but I will be checking every day now for something more. FYI to those who are thinking of trimming shrubs in the middle of hot July.

It's always a learning game with boxwood.

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Good to know that info!! Good job on your garden creations!!!

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Thanks. On the positive side, if you notice in the last photo, the lower right hand corner showing the outside of the crescent bed, it looks rough cut. That is where there was alot of the winter wind damage (with die back) I spoke of earlier. It has been filling back in wonderfully, quicker than I expected.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Oh my gosh, that is a lot of boxwood. I love the color green of boxwood and I wish it did better here. Your garden is always an inspiration, Schoolhouse.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Very nice, that will show up well all through the winter too.

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Yes rock, it's looks pretty with snow. Hopefully any new growth from now until Oct/Nov will be hardened off so as not to get frost bit and turn brown. Some of browning is inevitable, but less is better than more!

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Very impressive Topiary,..well done,..all of the boxwood looks good and healthy, did very well.

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Hi schoolhouse
I love your topiary. It looks like a big dollop of whipped cream...yum!

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lavendrfem(z6 CT)


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Thanks again for the compliments. I've noticed yesterday that the tops of the sheared boxwood are improving. Mostly, it was dead pieces of foliage and old growth that I could brush off with my hand. However, they and everything else could use a good gulp of rain water SOON. I looked down inside the boxwood and didn't see much if any tiny green shoots like normal.

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