Successful Getting Daylily Seeds in Zone 3?

del_sJuly 14, 2009

Just wondering if anyone out there has tried, successfully, to do their own daylily crosses in zone 3. Do first frosts end the seed ripening process or can they stand a few mild frosts? If you have been successful, what varieties did you use? We have Extra Early to Midseason varieties and are hoping to try our own crosses this year.


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I have Stella De Oro everblooming day lilies. Last year, for reasons I won't go into I stopped deadheading after doing the first big flush of flowers. I dug and amended the soil in early spring. When I went through it just before planting I pulled out several amall shoots of them that must have grown from dropped seed.

I'd say go ahead--nothing ventured nothing gained

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You should by all means give it a try. I am on the north side of Saskatoon and have recovered seed from my daylilies here which are now in their second year and I am hoping at least one will bloom before fall! If you have late bloomers or late seed setting maybe you can make some kind of frost shelter for the plant till it can finish off.


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explorer_mb(z1b MB Canada)

Hi there,

I've hybridized my own seed as well, here in Zone 1B... the seedlings are growing as we speak and are waiting to go into a new seedling bed... from what I've read on the gardening forums and chats, if you are going to get some light frosts, just cover them for the night and uncover them the next day, so they can still get the sun... if you are going to get a very hard frost, you can cut them and put them in a vase with some water, putting them outside in the sun during the day for at least a couple of weeks more and hopefully they'll have matured enough (pod opens on it's own or with a gentle squeeze)... always change the water frequently...


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