Brokenhead(z3Man)July 16, 2007

I just received Dominion Seeds fall catalogue and they have listed Wisteria Macrostachya as being hardy to -40. I am tempted to buy one but find it kind of hard to believe it would actually grow here. (I'm 30 miles north east of Winnipeg). Does anyone have experience with this vine?

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I too saw that in Dominion's fall catalogue and also was wondering about the "-40C" claim. I checked the internet and another site did state that as well, but they both could have received that information from the plant wholesaler.

Another site said it is considered to be the hardiest wisteria, but that doesn't mean it's zone 3 hardy. Then again it might be a case of the plant being hardy but the flowering branches aren't. Or, maybe the plant would survive in colder climates but need an extremely long season to flower, etc. Maybe alot of winter protection? Besides, doesn't Dominion rate it hardy to zone 4? If that's the case that's maybe -35C hardiness but even then i'm skeptical.

Interesting to hear what others think. Somehow I think if this plant was iron clad hardy in zone 3 we would have heard much more about it by now?


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From what I've read, a few wisteria varieties will successfully grow even in rather exposed locations of zone 4 ... so, I guess zone 3 is not a long stretch afterall! Last spring, I did get a well established 'Blue Moon', this has been kept potted and for winter was stored in the coldroom. It just finished up blooming a few weeks ago, I had 15 large clusters on an 8' plant ... very nice! ... though, just wish the blooms had lasted longer ... though, they say this one can repeat later in the summer.

I know this does not really answer your question, as my plant has not yet endured the wrath of winter. My main concern was that it did NOT want to ripen off, even late into the autumn, this even after a very hot summer. I'm gonna situate it up against the south side of my house and wrap and insulate the entire plant ... at least for the first few winters ... nothing ventured, nothing gained!


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Thanks for your comments. Maybe I will get one just to try. Of course that means I will need to get a pergola!

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For anyone in the Edmonton area that might be interested in this plant, I had seen it available at The Big Greenhouse at Spruce Grove ... haven't much checked any places within Edmonton.


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