mary_lu_gwJuly 16, 2010

We have had exceptionally hot temps this week. On Wednesday we reached a high of +117 heat index in the afternoon and at 10 PM it was still +107. Yesterday was not quite so bad but today it is heating up again and tomorrow is supposed to be back up there again. The air was so heavy with humidity that is was almost hard to breath.

How is everyone else doing? Are you getting the heat too? How are you gardens surviving? Mine are definitely a little wilted. No weeding for me. Just watering and that's about it.

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mary lu - please take care.

I don't know what the temp is right now, but it's hot again. Last night, I couldn't sleep it was so warm and then when I turned on the fan it made so much noise it kept me awake.

My garden is doing alright - only a couple things seem stressed with wilted leaves. I'm on my way to the veg garden to put up 8' stakes for my Mortgage Lifter tomato plants that keep going up and up. The are loaded with little green tomatoes and I just know the branches will flop if we get the thunderstorm that is predicted for tonight.

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We had a heat wave last week. The kind that feels like I'm being radiated just walking on the sidewalk.

my garden did well despite it all. One plant, rudbeckia hirta, had a slight scorching but overall things went well. Because I plant things quite closely, the soil was able to retain as much moisture and the roots remained relatively cool.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

We've been very toasty up here too! Some years we don't even get a heat wave. Last week we had about 6 days in a row over 90 then slightly cooler in the 80s for a couple days and now we'll be in the 90s for a few days again. Very hot summer for us so far. We normally don't have to water the gardens too much during the summer but with this heat we're doing a rotation so each section gets watered a few hours a week. Thanks goodness for a great well. There has been no rain along with the hot temps.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

We had an unseasonably cool summer in Socal, until two days ago. It finally hit. I was so hoping it would wait another week or two until the roses had their second flush.

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Same here. Heat index today will be 110. We've been having that extremely high humidity too and I can't stay outside more than 5 minutes.

The garden is doing okay because we got about 6 inches of rain last week.

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Very warm here - we had that heat in mid June but with it a lot of rain. Now it's standard plain old hot and we have missed the showers that have happened, less than an inch this month and it all came in little .2" dribbles.

I have been watering some anyway - I'll turn on the sprinkler again this morning and I'm going to head out and do a round of deadheading and cutbacks - my plan is to be out by 8 and done by 10.

We have family coming down for a bbq and relaxing on the deck while we can and then inside when we need to escape to AC. The garden is rather glorious with phlox and the dahlias are really starting to bloom. My annuals - especially the zinnias and sunflowers are pretty spectacular. :)

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