Soil mix for container figs?

mandolls(4)July 21, 2012

Any recommendations for soil mix for container figs?

I repotted my fig this spring using Al's 5-1-1 , pine bark, peat moss, pearlite (hand full of lime)

I am wondering if it is to acidic. I just read in an earlier post that Herman said Figs wont fruit in acidic soil. Could that be my issue?

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Mandolls, I have only recently checked back into the fig forum after taking an extended break so this is the first I've learned of Dr Tapla's 5-1-1 mixture with lime. My guess is that is for young plants that are being nurtured along and his other mixture is for mature plants. What has works for me when I am bringing along young plants is miracle grow and perlite at about a 4-1 mixture.

If my assumption that the 5-1-1 mixture is for young plants then you probably should not expect to harvest a crop. Each cultivar has its own fruiting characteristics. Many plants will not produce until it is well established, I have several plants that did not fruit for their first few years but the wait was worth it.

I included a link to one of Dr Tapla's discussions on PH that might help.

Very Respectfully

Here is a link that might be useful: PH Dialog

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Recently re-potted your fig tree....was it also root-pruned, or, just re-potted, potted into a larger pot...into new, fresh medium? Did your tree produce figs before the re-pot?

Some theories to explore: Fertilizers cause soils/mediums to become acidic, and this soil chemistry causes poor fig production. Current recommendations are for limestone, powder/granular to be used as a top dressing to neutralize the excess acid. The peat moss in your mix is acidic...but how acidic? I know herman2 uses powdered, and granular limestone as a top dressing around his fig trees. But, you are already using a handful of lime.

I've read that high nitrogen in most fertilizers sold at garden centers will inhibit and delay fig production, and ripening, especially in the North-East, with short, cooler, summers. I can't speak about this, I only learned about this nitrogen "problem" recently, and I'm still trying to find out more details.

I guess the link to the pH dialog will give you some clues, and maybe the forum members will give you the rest of what you need to solve your fig problems.

Just another thought...How big is the container in which your fig tree is planted? Can it already be root-bound? This can happen quite quickly if when you did the re-potting, you only went up to a pot-size, not much larger than the original.

Most of my comments are purely guesswork.


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Vinnie and Frank - Thanks for the input. I didnt give you quite enough information.

The plant is only in its third year, and has only been through one dormant winter (the first winter I kept it inside in a window) It has never made figs, but I was hoping that this would be the year.

I did not root prune when I transplanted, they were not so dense that I thought they needed it and it went from a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon pot. It dries out quickly, but I water every two days or so (and I soak the heck out of it). I have well water, so that should help counteract acidity.

I have been fertilizing about every two weeks with a 15-30-15 fert.

It may be that the plant is just still to young, but when I read Herman's post it made me wonder if the soil mix could be a problem. I have to admit, I have not checked the ph, I need to do that.


This link goes to an earlier post of mine that has a picture (scroll down) - I was wrong, those were not fig buds I saw.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture

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