simsedwardJuly 19, 2010

Hi All-

I got a fig tree cutting from a friend's father. Sorry I have no Idea how to post a picture, and I'm not sure what kind of fig tree it is. Anyway it is growing great. I have had it since May. Can I expect figs next summer?

Any advice for what to do with it next winter if I plant it in the ground next spring? (Southeast Michigan).



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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Welcome to the forum ED. If your tree is from a local tree you need to talk to your friends Father. He could clue you in on what type it is and what to expect out of it. Also of much importance is how he cares for it during the winter. No doubt he either has it in a pot and brings it inside or if it's an in ground tree he must wrap it or bury it. Winters in your part of the world can be brutal to fig trees.

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Thanks Gene. The guy is an old Armenian guy - when I asked what kind he said, "I don't know - a fig tree!" LOL. He keeps it outside, but his is more like a fig "bush" - many many sprouts and not too tall. Mine is definitely growing like a tree.

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