marricgardensJune 22, 2014

This is a first year seedling from Joan Derifield X Unknown sdlg.

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nice looking seedling, I like the large yellow throat. I see you are zone 5, I have read it takes 2-3 years to get bloom in the North. Is there any thing special you do, to get first year bloom?


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I'm in Canada, Z5a. I start my seeds the end of Jan. or beginning of Feb. in my sunroom. I plant them out in mid May when the ground is warmer. They grow great the first year and then I just wait to see if they make thru the winter. They do (I've never lost any so far, knock wood)and then I get blooms in the summer. Last year I even left some in pots, put them in a frame and covered them with straw. I only lost 2 or 3. They are now blooming also. Besides the regular slow release fertilizer I give them in the spring, I foliar feed them several times throughout the summer. Below is a link to the foliar spray I use. Marg

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Marg, Thanks for taking the time to share your method. I planted my first seeds last May directly in the ground and they look healthy, perhaps I will see a bloom earlier that what I thought. I use triple 16 to fertilize, I will have to look into the foliar spray.


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