Found a snake in the garden yesterday

loganladyJuly 6, 2010

YIKES!!! My girlfriend saw a California king snake slithering around the huge tree stump and flowers in my garden...I don't know how long it is because it did a great job of disappearing. Looked very beautiful though. Add that to my list of lizards/birds/toads and now snakes!

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That is a very good thing to have in your garden in California. You don't have to worry about Rattlers!

We have the Eastern Kingsnake here. They eat all the 10 varieties of poisonous snakes (vipers) we have in this state and all manner of rodents.

Kingsnakes are very pretty snakes, as snakes go.
Scary, maybe to happen onto one, but at least not poisonous!!!

Cool topic to post.

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Snakes are great in the garden! We only have non-poisonous snakes here (thank goodness) but on the other side of the county (sand, rather than our clay) there are some rattlesnakes.

We only have the little snakes (garter snakes I think my mom calls them?) and they eat all kinds of bugs. Mom has some in her yard, but I don't see many in my garden, as they prefer it down by the creek. Cute little guys...and they can really move :)

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We have mostly black snakes (king snakes) and the occasional copperhead. Found a juvenile copperhead in the driveway the other day. My DH walked right by it. He could have easily been bit. We typically live and let live, but with copperheads, we draw a crooked line. If we see them in the woods, we let them be. If we see them in the garden, they are history.

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

a rattlesnake got into my garage the other day and scared me half to death. D:

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I almost stepped on a garter snake in the greenhouse the other day, do you want to know how high I jumped :), needless to say he had to forgo the warmth of the greenhouse and look for new lodgings in the bush across the street. They eat a lot of slugs in the garden but unfortunately they also eat my goldfish so he got the bums rush.


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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

Sorry folks, but snakes do not stay at my address, whatever kind they are, if I see them. At least three children have gotten bitten by copperheads this spring/summer in our area, and needed to be lifeflighted to Hershey Medical Centerl. I have not heard how they are fairing.

We put in a fairly large preformed pond several years ago, and a lot of the garter snakes in the area decided to pay a visit. They were at least 3' long and as thick around as a quarter. If they would stay small I could get along with them better. I know they are beneficial, but I don't want them in the garden where I can reach on them. I do not like killing them so we no longer have the pond. We put in a fountain instead. I want toads around to take care of the bugs, not snakes to take care of the toads.

I like to view them in displays, and I think a rattlesnake has beautiful markings, but that is as close as I want to get - on the outside of the case.


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Garter snakes three feet long and as thick as a quarter??? That sounds a little scary! Ours are not even as thick as a dime and maybe 10"-12" long. Big difference!

Snakes and spiders are okay for long as they're not in the house and NOT poisonous. Then, zero tolerance :)

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

'Garter snakes three feet long and as thick as a quarter???' Yep I can believe that. We had one like that a couple of years back and I can tell you it freaked me out, never saw one that big either before or since and I can tell you I don't want too.


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Funny story: I was in my backyard working, and my next door neighbor, a policeman, had just gotten home and was walking in his yard. I saw a six foot snake slither along the chainlink fence between us, and I squealed. The policeman drew his gun, and the neighbor behind us,who is a detective, jumped up on his picnic table. I don't know who looked funnier!

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neverenoughflowers(6 SEPA Downingtown)

Ladypat, I could picture this in my mind and laughed out loud, what a funny sight it must have been.

We have had a few garter snakes and black snakes in the flower beds but my cats seem to like to catch them and bring them to me. I guess they find them entertaining, I try to put them back but the cats keep finding them. I guess they keep the snake population under control because we still have a good amount of toads and the occasional turtle.


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Hi it's me snake sightings since Monday BUT I look now before I venture in to do any kind of work. LOL. This one was at least a dollar coin size thick and at least 3ft long...beautiful markings.

Dan and I have worked so hard bringing this garden area back to life in the last two years-to see plants growing and wildlife in it now is sweet! When we bought this place the previous owners never watered anything so most of it was dead when we moved in. So..we got a tractor to help pull the dead stuff out (roots that were still very long)..and put in compost,etc....and I researched plants and planted away. This is the 2nd year and finally our hard work is paying off :):)

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