I want to limit the height of my Fig tree

bchboundJuly 5, 2011

Can I prune the top branches of this tree without damaging the fig crop. I would like to keep the tree at about 6 or 7 feet tall. I have many figs growing on this tree.


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Wait till fall when it goes dormant to cut it shorter. For now you can pinch the leaves.

One thing that caught my attention was, the high amount of the green wood on your tree. It seems like to me it has been given lots of fertilizer to make it grow faster. Depending on where you live and how cold it gets, you might lose those branches, since those green woods has to become hard by fall. And to store some nutrients for dormant season.

I would stop fertilizing it for rest of this season.

When dormant trim it to the height that you prefer. Next season It will branch out from that point.

Make your make the cut right above the nodes.


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Thanks for the info.

I have not used fertilizer but I have used alot of lime. Our local nursery guy told us figs love lots of lime. Should I cut back on the lime use?

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Pinch tips to stop the tree where it is now.
The energy will go back into stems downward,and in the roots.
Do not stop applying limestone,that is a mineral ,not a fertilizer,and it helps in creating solid wood.

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Then your soil is very fertile. As herman said, you can pinch the tips. It will branch out from that point.
How often do you add limestone?

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I throw down some slow release pelleted lime about once a month except during the winter. This tree was a gift as a rooted cutting and has survived one winter in the basement and two Long Island winters outdoors so far.

I will post some picks when the figs ripen.

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nice looking tree....would love few cuttings if you ever trim it down
navid /herman - how often and how much lime we need to give to and average size tree? will quantity change if tree is young?

thank you

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I have landscaped for years & learned from a master nurseryman who has been do the work for over 50 years.
I still do not understand why people plant Large tree so close to the wall or building.
A shrub or tree should be planted 36"- 5', every large trees should be 12'-24' from the wall or building. from the wall.
The only time this is not true is when you are using a espalier form.
Trees to close to the building/house is bad for the foundation & the tree.
The tree looks healthy, but it is way to close to the house.

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Not to close for me. Retiring in 4 years and selling the house and moving to Florida. The next owner might not really care to put the effort into a fig tree and besides that I don't have very much land here and almost none of it gets sun. I like it where it is and it seems to love the southern exposure.

There is no foundation where the tree is. It is against the garage which is on a slab.

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Do you know what kind it is or the type of fig it grows, dark or light color???

As suggested, pinch the tips on anything that is at or over your preferred height and you're good to go.

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Each summer I'll overdress my fig trees with 1-3 lbs on limestone, twice. First I'll remove as much of the old limestone from the top as possible.
So depending on how big is the pot or the tree the given amount of limestone can be vary.

About planting close to house,

I don't believe the roots of the fig tree can damage the foundation if planted 4-5 feet away from the house. My in ground fig trees are planted 60 feet from my house, only because I didn't want to plant them right in the middle of my lawn nor I wanted to remove my established Weeping Japanese maples.

I have visited couple of fig orchards in past (still do), given good amount of space and nutrients they can grow quite big. I seen them as bushes anywhere from 15-20 feet wide by 15 feet tall.
My Condria (grown in pot) is 7 feet wide, still growing.


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Everyone has a right to plant what they want, where they want to.
But for the new home owners, with small trees of any kind. I just wanted them to know,what could happen.
You do not plant a small tree, you are planting a tree that will be large in 5 years. So look around at the older house & the size of those tree, before planting.
As for size, at least one fig is 15 ft tall & 30 ft wide, limbs layer & root in a hedge of fruit trees.
The owner just picks the fruit & let it keep growing.
But most fig trees, to my knowledge, do not get that big.

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When I was given this tree as a rooted cutting I was told that it was a black fig tree. That info was second hand though through a woman who got it from her uncle and she deos not know anything about figs. I don't know the specific variety. It does produce dark fruit.

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