alicemagooey(z5 ON,CA)February 19, 2014

hello. I am totally new to this climate. I transplanted some bougainvillea plants in January, and fertilized them with Bougey fertilizer. Now they are Taking off!! But they are shooting out from the stems in all directions. New shoots look like " jack in the beanstalk weeds.." I have been reading and reading, trying to get a feel for these plants and this climate. But all I found is that they are usually pruned late spring.. / Early summer, after blooming. These are beginning to bloom..
Can I prune off the straggly, long shoots (which come from the main stem) now, as long as my pruning is not a 'hard pruning',or will this action take the life from the plant.. And ruin its blooming cycle??

I will try and take a photo and attach it to this thread if need be.

Many thanks in advance

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I prune mine anytime, never had a problem! I like to keep them shaped up always.

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alicemagooey(z5 ON,CA)

Thanks puternut (try that with spell check!ð³)

I will just go ahead and carefully do a bit of shaping. It is fascinating the way they grow. I went and spent some time this morning just thoroughly LOOKING at the plants and their growth habits(all new to me)..lovely ,

Thanks again

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

removed my last Bougainvillea around a couple of years ago. Beautiful but always demanded blood with each pruning and there's so much of it lol good luck gary

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Here's a pic. taken at Christmas, when one of mine, I call my snowflake tree is in bloom (perfect at xmas) you can see how I shape this one so it remains like a tree.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Stay on top of the pruning, the larger the limbs grow, the larger the thorns. You can also frequently pinch the tips of new growth, this will make it bushier. I would also go very easy on the fertilizer, they like neglect.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I too only grow bonsai size bougainvilla now...the thorns did me in every time I had to prune them :o(

Aputernut, that is a VERY nicely shaped (and decorated) bougainvilla, great job!!

This was take a couple of years back...its not in bloom now sadly!

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alicemagooey(z5 ON,CA)

Thank you so,much, Puternut and others.

What I meant by 'try that with spell check' was, when I tried to give my online response here, I did understand that puter nut meant that you were a computer nut.

However, my spell check corrected to outer nut.

Sorry my response caused confusion and consternation.

I have the HIGHEST respect , admiration , and heart-felt gratitude for the folks at Gardenweb forums.
You Who share everything from computer skills to home improvement, to nature topics, to gardening. I could go on.

I have been a member for a number of years.
I do not come over 'lightly, nor do I take your precious time for granted.
I try to do my own research before posting.
I just needed a personal response from someone who had pruned at off times (from what other sources recommend)

. I thank you sincerely for sharing your knowledge, documenting your responses with photos..
In short, I am overwhelmingly grateful for your help.

I received a personal e mail.. I guess someone took some kind of offense at something I said.
Believe me, the sentiments expressed above (the paragraph just above this one ) are heartfelt.


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I planted a couple behind my pool at my last house, they didn't do weel intill my neighbor cut down a tree and they gpt full sun. so at my current house I had to that didn't do well until I moved a shed in and they only get morning sun. some that get full sum in my front lawn arnt doing well at all very wimpy a few dead but for leaqfe or 2., im waiting for spring top see it they come back before I dig them up.

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I am new to Florida gardening and its been like a kid in a candy store with all the new plants that I can grow..I finally got a bouganvilla a few weeks ago and planted it near the corner of our porch with mostly full sun..its a pink/white which is awesome..sorry I dont have the tag to say which variety it is...I too will be going home to Michigan in May so it will have to be on its own to survive until next season so Im hoping it continues to grow and bloom...Should I fertilize it or just let it continue as is? seems to like where its at with blooms still on it from when I bought it....Judy

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alicemagooey(z5 ON,CA)

STILL need help. please.

Hi Judy.. i am like you..kid in Tropical candy store . I did fertilize, using bougainillea fertilizer.. and now my plants are going nuts..with new growth.!!
One of the posts in this thread said to go easy on the fertilizer..maybe should.

think I will prune, after all.. ( i had thought that maybe i would not dare, even with all the kind encouragement here.)
Now, I think I will..
Do i prune branches down to the stem, where they connect?
Some of the branches ( side shoots) are about 1/2 inch thick.. is that too large to prune back.

I really think i SHOULD prune to keep these things in check, now that I see how rampantly they are growing.

may thanks in advance
hope for just a bit more help.
or a link as to where i can get details on how exactly to prune.
I found one site with pictures, but they do not give details.


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You really can prune them whenever, however you like. Like i said, when the first inch or two of new growth shows I literally use my fingers to pinch off the very tip, this makes them more bushy, less leggy. If you would rather prune them all the way back you can do that too. As long as they have sun they are pretty much indestructable.

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alicemagooey(z5 ON,CA)

Thank you Leahrenee..

I do apologise for asking once again.. But you somehow emboldened me to do what I need to do with this last post.
Thank you !!
I am a
"chicken at heart", but grateful nevertheless for the encouragement to not be afraid..!
I will wear thick gloves, too.!

best wishes,

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