Avocados in Iceland?

thorbjeJuly 13, 2013

Iôm in serious denial of my geographical position, so Iôve got an avocado tree growing in my house. Itôs just over 1 year old, and itôs already 1.5 meters.
The winters here are long and dark, the summers are short and bright..
So I have two questions:
Is there any chance I can get fruit from a tree that is grown indoors?
If yes - do fruit grow on pruned trees, or do I need to let the monster grow freely? It has about 6 meters of growing space before it hits the ceiling.

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I have only ever seen one avocado tree with fruit on it and that was in Guatemala it was a minimum of 50 ft tall. I heard somewhere that they had to be 10yrs old before they produce. I searched and found a previous thread that might be helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Avocados Indoors

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