Yellowing White Pine Needles

iheartroscoe(Zone 5, Northern IN)October 4, 2006

On Oct 1st I put in six evergreen tree fertilizer stakes and, today, Oct 4th, I noticed that our white pine tree needles were turning yellow in droves. I wanted to know if anyone could help me diagnose whether this is directly related to the fertilizer stakes (I took out the stakes that I could find, but they were more than half gone at this point). Also, does this look normal and, if not, is there anything I can do to help my trees? I appreciate any help and all replies. Thank you.

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Have a look at this thread


Here is a link that might be useful: normal fall yellowing

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catherinet(5 IN)

It's pretty dramatic if you're not used to seeing it.
As long as all the tips stay green, it's a normal thing. That's how they lighten the load for winter, and then grow more on the needles in the spring. Relax, everything is going as planned. :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no plant works that fast .. lol .. unless you drilled holes directly into the trunk and pounded the spikes right into the tree .. though, of course... that is NOT recommended.. lol ...

its like i knew you were out there worrying when i did the other post.. i hope you visit it ... at the link from resin ...

all that aside ... it is my opinion .. and many others here that fert spikes are a waste of money .. and unless a soil test indicates something lacking in your soil .. trees just do NOT need fert .. try the SEARCH function at the top of the forum and try typing in fertilizer spikes or some such thing ....

your trees feeder roots are probably 25 to 50 feet out from that tree ... consider the odds that you pounded a spike anywhere near one ... its my position .. argued by others.. that if you are fert'g that beautiful green lawn .. or even just leaving the mowed grass there.. those trees just do NOT need food ... IMHO .. save the money to spend on more conifers...

good luck


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iheartroscoe(Zone 5, Northern IN)

Thanks for the advice everyone! Now I feel much better about my poor white pines.

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Don't fertilize with any nitrogen based fertilzer after August as a general rule either!

Love that example Ken - where it comes from you outta be proud!

Drills and hammers - gosh gilly gee wonders!

"Poor" white pines.. o gosh.

It's great to get up early in the morning! ESPECIALLY TODAY!


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White pines have Fall color ! it is normal ! they lose bunches of needles in the fall time.

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