Friday's Blooms

nat4b(4)June 29, 2012

And a couple from yesterday. It was very overcast today morning and the colors were so deep, but it sprinkled a bit, just enough to wet the flowers, not enough to water.

And, my later ones started already. It looks like it is going to be a short season..

The combination I like - reds and whites. Neither of them is true red or white, but anyway :)

Bombay Silk and Nan's First Blush

Party Pinafore had its FFOs yesterday

And Francis of Assisi too

I have never seen that before - previous day's bloom didn't close!

Maybe was not very pleasant to look at ;) so here's a fresh bloom of it - Fear Not

This is today

Old Sol FFO, registered as ML

I was excited to see Raspberries in Cream today :)

Can you recognize Court Magician? The first flower to open flat; the rest looked like it supposed to be but with one petal sticking out (the thing I don't like at all)

Flying Carpet - FFO

Look who opened all the way! Filipina Bride - probably liked those previous hot days

And an example of camera distorting colors

This is Super Mama like my camera usually captures it, and it is not!!

So I tried and tried different angles and finally got one close; though usually when I can get almost the exact color, the eye is not so visible

Super Mama again

Thanks for looking!

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shive(6b TN)

I envy you with that rain. Lots of pretty for you today. My favorites are Filipina Bride, Raspberries in Cream and Party Pinafore.


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Thanks, Debra :) But it was no rain, just nuisance. At least it is not so hot! yet.

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So amny pretty ones. I can't decide between Filipina Bride and Raspberries and Cream. Beautiful!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well now they are all pretty. I do like that Raspberries in Cream. It is a wowser! All all those gorgeous purples. I just love the purples.

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Julia NY(6)

I like them all. Send the rain this way. We need it again and looks like we won't get any till next week. Very dry here again.


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You have some really pretty blooms for your Friday, I really like Raspberries and Cream and Party Pinafore.

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Thanks everybody!
I was really glad to see that bloom on Raspberries, and it was my favorite yesterday :)

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