What is harming my Delphiniums?

cbergunde(z3a - Alberta)July 2, 2014

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

It has been quite some time since I have posted here, but it is nice to still see some familiar names :)

I planted Delphinium seeds (taken from a healthy plant at my previous home) 6 years ago and have since had beautiful and healthy plants - but both last year and this, something is happening (see photo). I have not made any changes to the location that they reside in ...... I do not visibly see any bugs active on the damaged parts.

Any ideas / suggestions?

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Hi to you, too, fellow gardener :)

Do a search for the thread Marcia started, dated June 24, 2010, called "Delphinium Question".

You may find your answer there.

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There is such thing called a delphinium worm - it curls up into the growing tip of a delphinium plant and eats away at the buds and young leaves. If you get it early enough, the plant will recover (and bloom). I just check my plants in the Spring and early summer and squish them when I find them. I used to tell my daughter they were jelly bugs...

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cbergunde(z3a - Alberta)

Thank you nutsaboutflowers and Donna .... and to Marcia for bumping up the old thread!

I did go out the other night and while still not seeing any bugs/larvae/worms, I did cut off all of the damaged portions of my Delphs - now it will just be the waiting game ;)

Thanks again!

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