Enormous fig tree!

cami_gardensJuly 30, 2010

Hi there, I've been reading the posts and you all seem like tremendously helpful folks, so I could use some advice.

We bought a house a month ago, and we inherited a huge fig tree. I had no idea they could get so big! This tree is most likely as old as the house (about 15 years) and is covered with baby figs. I've never eaten fresh figs so I'm looking forward to tasting one, however how do I care for this tree? It's so huge that I can't reach even the lowest figs without a step ladder. I would like to prune this back a bit when it's time, but when is that, and how much? Here's a photo:

This tree is really lovely and shades our patio, so I hate to prune it too much. I don't know, maybe I don't need to prune it at all? Advice please! Thanks.

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First thing... congrats on getting a new house! 2nd... Welcome to Gardenweb. I'm not sure where your located but I'm thinking that in zone 8 your tree will loose its leaves and go dormant this winter. That will be the time to prune it, when the life force is in the roots. I would take the top 1/3 of the tree off. this will encourage suckers or root sprouts and make your tree more of a bush. The next season you could thin out some of the sprouts if you choose. If you have more of a bush you won't need the ladder to much. Hope this is helpful.

Good Luck,
Little John

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Thanks, John! It does lose its leaves in winter (from photos of the house I've seen). I live in Oregon where the winters don't get seriously cold too often. Thanks for your advice, I think we will try pruning late this year and see what happens.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

oregonwoodsmoke needs to find out what kind of a tree this is and maybe he could get one, since he's looking for trees that will grow in Oregon.


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With a quick glance at the leaves I'd say its either Desert King or Latarula.

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Here's a closer look at some baby figs and the leaves (clickable thumbnail). I'd love to know what kind of fig tree this is, and how to tell when the fruit is ripe.

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Good Guess ,I agree,on Latarulla,aka White Marseilles.
The figs will be Greenesh white with amber interior.
Harvest when pointing down,soft,and juicy.

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