Small area needs some charm...what to plant?

cadillactasteJuly 5, 2014

The picket fence area at the bird feeding patio. Has a space for planting...last season I planted a dwarf butterfly bush. From guidance of the landscape nursery we use. But the harsh winter...was not kind to many yards. It among other things just didn't make it.

Since we get critters at the feeders...ground hog,raccoon,opossum...and all the other typical critter life. Something that can withstand a bit of trampling possibly. Thus I thought shrub like plant. But, maybe I am not seeing potential of what could be planted...

It gets dappled sunlight...but being next to a ravine not many hours of it. The fence is just under 3' and being 3' wide.

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It really needs something since my husband decided to PAINT it! I thought we discussed dry brushing paint on if he felt it needed painted. So it is so starkly fresh painted. Hoping something planted will not make it such a beacon...

My other picket fence birdhouse you can see was dry is what it hide the paint with plants.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Till I saw how shady it was I was thinking sunflowers and hollyhocks for vertical impact. How about foxgloves and rose campion? They look great together, and are fairly simply to grow, even from seed.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Are you a fan of hosta? I consider that a silly question since how could anyone not be, but ...

I would plant hosta, astilbe (if you will water it), ferns, heuchera, Dicentra spectabilis (now referred to as Lamprocapnos spectabilis) which is so pretty in spring, etc.

Also, had an idea about the paint-now that it has such a great base, you could dry brush over it with that same blue or maybe green or the red of your shutters. I think that would look great!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh, Nancy is right. Foxglove would be wonderful. I never seem able to succeed with them, but I do love them!

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Nancy...I had briefly thought sunflowers since birds could as well eat the seeds. But as you mention...not near enough sun.

I absolutely LOVE son bought me some for this past years Mother's Day. I worry though about the raccoon that do climb up on the fence...breaking their stocks down. But I am looking for some color to add...Rose champions are beautiful! Never even knew about them...(what I like from this forum is the knowledge of so many who do know of spectacular plants!)

Cyn, funny you mention dry brushing another color to the husband is painting the remainder of that birdhouse a brown. I thought to use that...and dry brush it on the cream picket fence to mute it down a bit...but, now that you mention the red...which is the roof's top color of the birdhouse. I am pondering possibly going that route as well. (Though I was second guessing dry brushing a second have made me bold in wanting to definitely do it now!) I will have to google some of the names you put for suggestions...because I am not aware of a few. I do have hostas back near that area though. Though I met one woman...who cuts the stocks before they bloom OFF! She thinks it makes them look messy. (That was the first I had ever heard if one doing that)

Appreciate all your input...I am thrilled with the idea of putting something back there...besides a shrub it is amazing how tunnel vision my brain can get though. For I had thought that my only option.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

You know, you might (just might) get coneflowers to bloom there. The goldfinches love them and are such fun to watch as they sit and eat the seeds on the flower! I have some that don't get full sun and they are fantastic. Might be worth a try.

I forgot to tell you how pretty it is there and in your other photo, too! I have mostly shade here, but a lot of the big trees seem to be dying or are being taken down by neighbors. I am noticing more sun lately-not good for what I have planted! Oh well. I will just have to plant more trees. :)

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do!


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Cyn...I actually had planted once the heuchera...they'd didn't do well. Possibly not juglone tolerant where located, or...the dogs killed them. For they had to learn not to water the flower beds. But...those were one of the first I had planted...again...did poorly, had many scenarios that could have been the cause. Loved the foliage color.

The Lamprocapnos spectabilis...are the blooms fragile?

Nancy...I am in LOVE with the Rose Champion! Curious if one should plant the entire area that...or have additional along with it. The foliage seems pretty even without bloom.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

The bleeding heart will disappear completely in the summer heat and then come back the next spring. The blooms aren't especially fragile and although the bloom time isn't all that long, I just think they look so pretty with my other plants.

I hear you about the heuchera. I have some that seem to be doing great and others that either don't grow much or don't even last a season. I do love the colors though!

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Rose campion needs full sun...

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