Couple FFOs, mostly repeats

nat4b(4)June 26, 2012

It was colder at night, many daylilies did not open right.

Nature's Crown second flower, and looks like it won't have many

Swirling Water - not the first flower, and the color looks better than in my pic, but what is it? - in the morning and already looks faded? :s

This is Strawberry Candy plant, I won't have flowers on it this year. I don't know what happened but all the buds dried out, on all 11 scapes of it :(

Forsyth Frostbound

Light of the World - FFO

Stella Supreme - I like the color, I'd like to add something of that color but of Unusual form, I think it would look great

Iowa Summer Evening - big plant! Multiplied very well, in fact all three plants in that spot are big clumps; I should count buds

Yellow Titan again - massive! :)

Choral Fantasy FFO - ah, what a lovely color, but spots and.. of course poor opening

Another one with the same problem, and it is not an FFO

Shores of Time

Hyperion FFO

Grace Brooker - that's on the second (prob) instant rebloom scape; the first two scapes dried out after giving me one flower

Should stop here :)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Many pretty ones today. I like Hyperion even though it is a simple flower it just glows. Choral Fantasy usually has a hard time opening around here also. Forsyth Frostbound and Grace Brooker tie for favorite for me.

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shive(6b TN)

Your Forsyth Frostbound looks great, and I really like Light of the World!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

lots of pretty ones. my favorites areFORSYTH FROSTBOUND andGRACE BROOKER.very pretty ones.


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Grace Brooker is a looker!

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Ok, I chose the same as everyone. Have you looked underneath Strawberry Candy? I ad that happen one year and the moles and voles had played havoc underneath. Ellie

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Thank you Rita, Debra, Jean, Mantis, Ellie!
I pick Forsyth Frostbound today too :) It looked good in the morning, and at 4pm too, but it was not a hot day today.
I'll try to look under Strawberry Candy tomorrow, thanks Ellie.

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Nancy zone 6

Forsyth Frostbound is my pick too, it is a fantastic color & I just like the look of it. Grace is beautiful too, I'm glad it rebloomed so quickly.

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I agree with everyone else Forsyth Frostbound is stunning just love the colors, I also love the colors on Swirling Waters.

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I really enjoyed this post. Just speaking for myself, I never mind seeing repeats, and I appreciate seeing the problem children along with the stars.

NATURE'S CROWN is a beauty. I found myself wondering what the parentage is. Will have to go look that one up. I'm way father south than you are, and I had a lot of buds aborting on Stamile's this year which had bloomed nicely last year. FORSYTH FROSTBOUND is beautiful and I just love bitones. The color on CHORAL FANTASY is so intense, and it is my favorite in spite of not opening well.

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Forsyth Frostbound is my pick too. I second Ellie's recomendation. Voles are terrible things, and they can kill a flourishing plant overnight.

Grace Brooker is lovely, and Shores of time and Choral Fantasy...may have a little thrip damage there. You have a lot of really pretty blooms.

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