Black Mission Fig trees @ HD

bronxfigsJuly 21, 2011

Bronx, and some Westchester, NY HDs have nice 5FT tall, single-stem, fig trees labeled as "Black Mission" ..... however, all of the trees that I have observed in their garden depts. have what I believe to be, FMV, so, caveat emptor! Nice leafy growth, but all spotty, and with bleached-out areas on all the leaves.

Anyway, with HDs reputation, who knows WHAT fig variety you'll get.

Just thought you'd like to know.


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This must be something newer for them. In all my time living there I don't ever remember seeing one at HD.

I'll know the world is screwy when they start selling up here in MA.


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I bet they are black mission, Most black missions are infected with fmv, and it is one of the most common varieties sold at nurseries in NYC and Long Island. How much are they asking and are there any figs on them?

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I have gotten BMF's at HD and LHIW but have not had them long enough to verify they are what they said they were. IMO YGWYPF so LTBBW. Might be better to get them at a LN. I'm live in NEAL but being in the coldest place in the state, doesn't help. I have tried to W & P during the winter months DJFM but have had LS. I am going to build some cages out of CRWM and wrap with ASRF and then stuff with LLPN. I will be sure to PTR next spring.

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