New fig tree suffering!

MountainCitrusJuly 11, 2013

I just received a VdB and a Petite Negra in the mail 3 days ago. I transplanted both into new soil (Al's 5-1-1) and watered. The Petite Negra has started to perk up- leaves aren't drooping anymore. However, the VdB isn't looking any better- leaves are curled and drooping and some are drying up and crackly. I just found two little red bugs (spider mites?) on the VdB this morning and brushed them off. I also misted the leaves.

Both have a little rust on them. I have them in a shaded and protected spot. Any suggestions on the VdB?

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i know little about figs, but for spidermites and other pests i immerse the entire plant in room temp soapy water. i use plain dish soap and i find it effective.


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Here's a photo if that helps:

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Red mites are the adult form of chiggers unless I am mistaken.

Remove any leaves that crinkle and the figs, sorry. Do not water much, for whatever reason your tree is unable to take up water from the roots so the pot will stay wet a long time and be at risk of rot.

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Thanks for the tips Hoosierbanana. If they were chiggers then I think we'll be ok because they don't survive here in Wyoming.

I will remove crinkled leaves and figs. Hopefully the plant will make it!

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