How Many of Your Daylilies are Blooming?

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)July 20, 2010

Having done a daylily search on this forum, I've found out there's a lot of daylilies growing out there =:)

Are lots of them blooming, or are they late this year?

I have Stella D'oro and an unknown blooming. My new ones planted near the end of May have a few small buds coming. I'm so excited to see what colors they really are.

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I have a whole bunch blooming. Don't know their names as once I plant them I don't keep track. My favourites are the other lilies tho and poppies which are really starting to bloom

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I have several blooming as well. I think they're about on time. Yours may not be because of your wet year. Dunno.

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I hae Stella D'Oro blooming as well as Pardon Me and Chicago Apache. A few new ones I planted are not blooming, don't think they'll bloom this year (I don't believe daylilies bloom the first year)

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I have a lot of daylilies just starting now. These are the ones I know of, from memory, that are blooming now...

Vatican City
Roses in Snow
Siloam Merle Kent
Destined to See
No Regrets
Siloam Jim Cooper
Siloam Red Ruby
Double Cutie
Yellow Bouquet
You Win
Jersey Spider
Dark Star
Stella d'oro
Bright Sunset
Fair Kelly Michelle
Now and Zen
a couple other Siloams
etc etc with more opening everyday.

I need to keep track of what daylilies I have so I don't purchase the same one again.

I love this time of year.


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These ones are still flowering for me now.

Strutters Ball
Supreme Apricot Ruffles
S. Ury Winiford
S. Merle Kent
S. Virginia Henson
Betty Warren Woods
Sabine Bauer
Persian Shrine
Prime Picotee Multiflora

I've had Stella for about 8 years. She does not perform well for me so I'm going to get rid of her. Marg

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My Dream Legacy bloomed today !! =:)

The pictures on the web don't do it justice.

It was just planted in my new lasagna bed near the end of May.

I bought it and others from Mother & Daughters Daylilies in Ontario.

If all the other ones I bought are as nice, I'm afraid I'll be giving away or shovel pruning a couple of Stellas......

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

About half of mine are blooming now. The other half have fat buds. My earliest one, 'Jerusalem', is about half done already.

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weeper_11(2b SK)

Stella has been blooming forever already, of course. I love my Stella! She gets prettier every year, as my clumps get larger and she puts on more of a show.

A mislabeled NOID that I got 2 years ago has been blooming for quite awhile now.

I'm still waiting for Pardon has lots of blooms though.

As far as the ones I planted just this spring, Primal Scream is just finishing up blooming (I LOVE it! Glad I spent the money), Orchid Corsage just started(Love it!), and everything else has heavy buds.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Was looking around today and noticed scapes on quite a few daylilies. Forgot to check the Stellas, though. For some reason, they haven't bloomed yet, though my peach and purple Stellas both have. The purple one is not really worth it, though - not a very nice colour at all.

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