Heres the expanded Iris garden.

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)July 26, 2010

First I transplanted more iris out by the stacked stone wall ouit front.

I wanted the area betwen the hummingbird mints to be full so I used clumps that I transplanted from the backyard.

Then I finished the TB iris area at the corner right near my neighbors driveway. I transplanted the last of the clumps I wanted to move into this area.

I had that very front section but I had added another small tier section for a row in back of it.

Since this was right at the street, I had had so many compliments on the iris this spring. I wanted it to have even more of a wow factor. Plus I had always planned to add another row. This way it just looks lots fuller and of course there are more iris than before to bloom in the spring.

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So lovely, Rita! Great textures from the different foliage and the blooms will be great.


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That is going to be gorgeous with that fabulous hardscape and the iris! Wow factor increase is exponential!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

There are roses and lilies plus the iris. Also one big clump of Black Eyed Stella early blooming daylilies. There are also some clumps of Catmint in there in back of the iris that fill in any empty spots. I cut them back to work in that area but they will grow back.

Then there is the neighbors row of little clumps of vargieted something (liatrope?). Those are on his property and my stone wall which ends at his driveway actually ends on his property. The right most iris are probably on his proberty too. But I had told him and showed him what I had planned to do to see if it was ok by him and yes, it was. It is good to have great neighbors.

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