Broken scapes again (& some pics)

nat4b(4)June 8, 2012

I went to the backyard yesterday night to hunt for scapes and found two daylilies with broken scapes, again! :( It happened last year, at exactly the same place, except in the neighboring bed. Scape is broken, all buds are gone, no sign of buds. And I had one daylily in the cage, so squirrels don't dig the new dirt. Cage was tipped over, thankfully didn't break any buds.

Who the heck is doing this?? Squirrels I suppose. Last year I thought it was bunnies. It's not deer for sure. Not our cats either.

Anyway, one was not so dear to me, and there are three more scapes left, but.. what was really disappointing is that they broke all buds but one on my new Gilded by Grace :'( Why?? Why not Stellas or something?

And then.. we had a tree cut down today. The guys tried to do their best, but daylilies were right in the way. Lost several buds and couple scapes on 5 or 6 of them. Trashed all that were kinda under that tree, but they were not so important.

And when they were almost done, they cut one huge log and it landed right on my Linda's Magic, and then it rolled from impact and got into one more right next to it.

Well, enough of complaining, it could have been much worse, and we should've done it earlier in the year, but we just got a chance. Of course, I am very sorry about that big tree that we practically killed..

Pictures - another 2 flowers on the early noid today, taken with the morning sun and from the shade, what a color difference :) It's somewhere in-between

And barely double FFO on Siloam Double Classic

Here's the crushed Linda's Magic and Weird Noid to the left of it. Half of Noid is all right, but it lost all the buds. I don't know if anything left of Linda's Magic

On the bright side, unless I didn't notice something, that's about it, all other daylilies are alright!

Thanks for looking!

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ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)

It is such a disappointment when you wait all year for the wonderful reward of blossoms only to have them destroyed. Sorry that happened to you.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh, so sorry about the mess and the logs landing on your daylilies. I guess the saving grace is that the tree cutting is now finished. Those daylilies are all pretty, especially the first one.

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Julia NY(6)

How disappointing. Hope you find whatever is eating the buds. Hard to imagine squirrels would eat the daylily buds but then again, anything is possible.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Any chance that it's a woodchuck? They can do a lot of damage. That first daylily seems to be a great performer.

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Good grief! If it isn't one thing it's two! So sorry you're having such rotten luck. Both the blooms are very pretty.

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blue23rose(6b IN)

Sorry for the bad luck.

Isn't it strange the difference a daylily will look from sun to shade?


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

SOUNDS LIKE A DEER TO ME, DOING IT.the daylily blooms are very pretty.

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So sorry for your losses.

I'm curious as to why you think the bud loss is not from deer?

Ignoring a variety of birds, we have deer, rabbits, squirrels and gophers here (is a gopher the same thing as a woodchuck?). Also rats (ugh), raccoons (sigh), and the occasional skunk, possum, bobcat, and (for all I know - because we have seen them in the neighborhood)- coyotes.

The ONLY one of all these critters that has done damage to the daylilies is the deer. They are VORACIOUS for buds (some daylilies they especially like - BALI WATERCOLOR seems to be one of them) but if they are hungry enough, they also eat the foliage.

It could be that you have a deer that is new to the concept of daylilies... When we first moved here, the deer ignored the daylilies for the first season, maybe two. Then they started sampling them, and it's been a battle ever since.

Good luck with your daylilies - I hope I'm wrong and that it's not a deer, and that you have no more problems along that line.

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Thanks everybody! You as daylily people would understand.
I went to clean the mess, and found out two fans of Linda's Magic are still in the ground, yay! Though bent, and of course all buds are gone from both. I put the broken fans in the water, one time I did this with a fan of something that was hit by a lawnmower and it grew tiny little white roots!
I am actually very sorry for the tree. It was topped, they didn't have a saw big enough to completely cut it. We are thinking of somehow decorating it, maybe make it into a bird feeder holder or something. It is just standing there, remains of the big trunk, sad to see. But we have way more sun now, but afternoon sun so we need to move hostas somewhere. Not sure if I could plant daylilies there, there's another big (walnut) tree that provides shade all morning.
About deer. Sure looks like deer, but I'm 99% sure it isn't. We are in the middle of a city, surrounded by chain-link fence, and neighbors yards from all sides, and a road in the front. There is no parks or woody areas for deer to live around our neighborhood. I've never seen one.
Polymerous, I read your thread, good that your daylily (Victorian Lace?) is alright! Maybe it's raccoons, I know they are here. It is just that we have tons of squirrels, that's why I think it's them. The only question is - where are the buds? Oh and by one of the daylilies there was a weed, they buried either a walnut or an acorn. I thought about digging it out and forgot. It was gone, and they left a small hole. That's why I think it's squirrels too.
I don't know what woodchuck is, I'll look it up.
Or could it be.. crows?

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Don't you just hate to lose plants! Squirrels are very busy little guys. I have never seen them eating daylilies, but in the spring they decapitate all the tulips and it had me wondering if they are just doing it for the moisture. Also they eat camillias and strew the petals all over the place. And they replant bulbs for me, sometimes in the neighbor's yards. If you are seeing little holes here and there, it is probably squirrels in your yard, too.

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Your crushed daylilies look like mine, too. Victims of tree-cutting here. But they look a lot happier now that they have more sun. We have squirrels, but they haven't done any damage. The only problem I have with them is burying the acorns in the daylily bed. I suspect deer.


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Squirrels have dug in our pots, burying acorns, but they have never overturned them, nor dug out all of the dirt in a pot.

I doubt it would be crows. We have a whole murder of them that flocks down the road, and every year we have a pair (maybe two) nesting on our property. They stroll around my Moon Garden at dusk as though they own it, lol! But never any damage from them - if anything, they may help keep the snail population down.

If your fence is high enough, and you know that deer aren't in your property, then it sure is a mystery.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I live in town, too, houses all around me and a busy street in front,and I still have deer in the yard after the roses and daylilies. Have to constantly spray stinky stuff on everything to stop them from eating them down to the ground. a few weeks ago, they ate all the buds off 2 daylilies, never touched a leave, just the buds,and I know its deer doing it.

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shive(6b TN)

So sorry to hear about your broken scapes - especially on Gilded by Grace. I had jackrabbits eat my buds before - but never break the scape. I have had cut worms saw right through the scapes in past years, but they leave the buds. It sure is a mystery what happened to them.


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