caring for my brown turkey fig for the winter

royalchild777July 24, 2008

yes i planted a brown turkey fig (dwarf)and it has beautiful foliage on it but, i was wondering do i need to transplant it into a pot before winter? It gets 5F in East Tenn so I am not sure about what to do. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time, royalchild777

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Yes here just south of chicago i grow minr in pots and bring into garage its attached to house so its a little warmer then one that is not,i put mine on 2x4s to keep off the cold cement and then they start to bud in the spring.Your 5 for a temp will kill the fig tree otherwise sad to say.

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I live in Massachusetts. Gets cold enough to kill fig trees here. I bury my trees each year. They are about 12 to 15 feet tall. I tie the branches up. Dig a trench that is as long as the trees are tall....about 3 feet deep. Dig all around the root ball...then just tip them over into the trench. It takes about 4 to 5 hours. I usually do it each Thanksgiving. And when I dig them up in the spring....they are fine!!

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