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stuartdaveFebruary 15, 2009

I am anxious and see no threat of freezing temps in my area in the next 2 weeks. I am well past the last freeze date for my area and its very doubtful that my area can get freezing temps in March. Can I now fertilize my fruit trees and plants and begin the spring season?

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I've started my spring fertilizing on my trees, shrubs and veggies this weekend. I'm in Broward and I'm really not expecting to see any more frosty cold fronts making it all the way down here with freezing temps to harm the plants. But that's just me..

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


May I please ask you where you found the info on the last frost date for your area? I was looking for a site that told me when my last frost date is, haven't had any luck finding it. I also want to get started on my pruning and fertilizing...I'm in Central of the state, two hours south of Orlando. Mind sharing the link or website...

Although you are south of me, my 10 day extended forecast on has me at 38° friday night, if its accurate?


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For Central Florida , March is a safer time to begin Spring activities .
Citrus are first fertilized in Mid-March after their long break from the last time in August .
Lawns should not be fertilized until green growth is showing . Fertilizing brown grass is not recommended .
When you see signs of some kind of growing activity with your fruit trees and plants - that is the time to fertilize rather than depending on when the last freeze " normally " occurs .

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rainy230(10 Jupiter)

Thought I posted but guess I didn't :) Is it ok for my to try again with a couple of tomato plants? I lost mine from that cold blast a few weeks ago.I'm in Jupiter ( Northern PB county). I was also wondering id I should cut back the damge now or wait on my Tiouchina, cat's whiskers.etc? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance.

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For zone 10 :
Plant your tomatoes .
Cut back your plants .
Hope for rain .
Fertilize in a few weeks .

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For zone 10 - Fertilize in March, June, and October if you fertilize 3 times a year. If twice, then April and September. Don't fertilize your lawn, get rid of it.

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rainy230(10 Jupiter)

Thank you !!! I agree about the lawn !!!:)

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