Cooked roses anyone?

northspruce(z3a MB CDA)July 11, 2012

My roses are just finishing their June-July flush and the last half literally cooked on the plants. We've been having a fairly long heat wave and a lot of my buds went brown without opening. My new Queen of Denmark surprised me with a couple of blooms (yay) but they got cooked too. Looked like they'd been in the veggie steamer. The temperatures have been in the 30s for days.

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Well that's a crappy thing to happen !

My roses are blooming their faces off, as it's their third year, so they're getting nicely established. One of the Schubert chokecherry trees that I dislike is starting to shade them a little bit, so maybe that's a good thing in this heat wave.

It's extremely humid here today, so I wonder what will happen to my roses now. =:(

I need to look up Queen of Denmark roses. I don't know what they look like........

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Queen of Denmark is one of the ones I bought from Corn Hill this spring, it's actually Koenig von Danemark. It was so cool to get all these naked little forked sticks, plant them, watch leaves magically appear, and then one of the little forked sticks surprised me with two buds. I never thought bareroot once-bloomers would give me flowers the first year. :)

Maybe the second bud won't cook. But I doubt it, it's still hot.

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My weather complaint usually is the weather is too cool, too wet or unexpected frosts. I've never had to worry about cooking the blooms on my roses.A person can always hope it cools off and your roses will recover to give you late blooms.Q of D might have wood old enough to give you a few more blooms in the fall...Jean

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weeper_11(2b SK)

Yeah, some of my buds cooked before opening too...mainly just my new roses that I put in this year, and only certain ones. My Hope for Humanity, for instance, is blooming fine and it's new. My Marie-Victorin, however, has LOTS of cooked blooms. I'm guessing it must prefer cooler temps, or maybe even some afternoon shade. It keeps trying, though! My J.P. Connell is having it's second flush fine. My Emily Carr and Morden Blush don't seem to be troubled, and of course, Prairie Peace couldn't care less if it is hot, cold or a wind storm!

I'm hoping that we won't have these temperatures for the rest of July...

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