Shrub for Low-lying wet area

debbiecz3(z3MB)July 28, 2009

I would like to plant a shrub in an area of my yard which is low-lying and retains water in times of heavy rainfall- which in this year's case is most of the season! I am having a hard time making a decision and wonder if forum members might give me some guidance. Shrubs I am considering are: Limelight Hydrangea, Dogwood (Love the look of pagoda dogwood but it may be too big and not hardy enough; Silver Leaf Dogwood, Red Osier Dogwood, Tiger Eyes Sumac (again not sure about hardiness), Amur Maple. Can these plants tolerate standing water for a period of time not usually more than a few days unless the monsoons continue to come? Any other suggestions for shrubs? Your comments will be appreciated.

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Have you considered a willow? The Dwarf Arctic willow is a nice blue/green shrub that prefers moist soil. It only gets 3-4' high and wide. I have the Japanese willow Hakura Nishiki that looks wonderful with its variegated foliage. It can reach 4-5' tall and wide. I also have the red twig dogwood that sits in water after a heavy rainfall. Doesn't seem to hurt it a bit. I love the red stems in the winter. Marg

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