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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)July 12, 2010

Good day, a friend of mine has a Madnolia Fig tree and wants to get rid of it. I've visited Jon's website and read the information there. I just need more information from others who have this tree. Before I say yes to my friend, I have a few questions.

1. Is this tree a fast grower?

2. Is it the same as Brown Turkey or Brunswick?

3. Is it cold hardy?

4. On a sweetness scale of 1 to 10, how sweet is it?

5. On a richness scale of 1 to 10 how rich is it?

For example, I have a Ronde De Bourdeaux. On a sweetness scale, I'd give it an 8. On a richness scale, I'd give it an 7. All comments are welcome, cheers, Dennis

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Hello Dennis;

My first fig tree was a 10 yr old Magnolia planted in my yard in the New Orleans area. After seeing the figs explode from the rain we had last July/august, and buying closed eye figs I had planned on relocating the tree this winter.
However, I found one ripe magnolia fig a few days ago and it was so good I decided to keep it.
From internet comments, I've learned that this is the same fig as the brunswick. It is a relatively fast growing tree; it was a popular tree in the South Texas fig plantations in the early to mid 1900s. It is an abundant producer of golfball sized fruit with an open eye - requiring a dry climate. If you have a limited growing area with alot of rain, you might pass, but if you are not limited by space or rainfall then give it a try.
Again, this fig has an open eye; alot of my figs soured because of the rain and the fig beetles that are attracted to the figs and run in and out all day. Herman once posted that he had the annoying fig beetles until he got rid of his magnolia fig tree.
young, in Laplace, LA

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This fall once the tree goes dormant, I am planning to take several air layers and cut it back significantly after seeing pics of the S. Texas fig farm magnolias cut back to approx. 3 feet of height.

I'd be happy to share cuttings and will post when they are available. Big, prolific, amber pulp, OPEN EYE.

I'm thinking of putting my EZE-UP over the tree to keep the rain off so I can enjoy more of its figs.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Young,

What is EZE-UP?



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an EZ-up is a canopy that people typically use when vending at fairs and festivals.

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Recently I've seen an old fig publication that listed Brunswick and Magnolia as different cultivars. The one that is in my collection is known as "Magnolia Bronze" and it appears to be a different fig than the Magnolia pictures that I have seen. It looks similar to one of the "D'Or" figs (not the Goute D'Or cultivar)that was listed last year on the Read's Nursery website. Just checked and that particular picture is no longer on the website. I would rate my Magnolia Bronze an 8 on sweetness and a 6 on richness. Mine is a medium size fig with a small (but open) eye and it can handle some rain.


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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

This is great information guys. Thank you so much guys! If this fig has a sweetness of an 8. Then I an wondering if the tree my neighbor has is a Magnolia. It splits badly but the figs are so so good. Some figs split and some do not. But they are larger than brown turkey. They look like a dark brown O'Rourke (Improved Celeste). Any way I will tell my friend that I will take one fig tree, keep it a pot for about 2 years then plant it in the ground. thank you all for your commments and suggestions. Cheers, Dennis

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Hey Vivian,

Yeppers, EZ Up is a portable canopy that fair and roadside vendors use to get out of the sun and rain.

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I have one, At least it's labeled as a Magnolia.
The branches weep on mine, Mostly due to the size and weight of the figs that grow on them.

It is one of the best looking and producing fig trees I have in my collection.

Last year was the first year it really produced anything worth talking about but we didn't really have a Summer so most of the figs went to waste. I was lucky enough to harvest a hand full of them.

This year looks much better. I expect a good harvest and it is producing very well again.

The figs grew quite large on last years crop so I hope to see better results this year.


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In Georgia the Magnolia fig will be a vinegar bacteria spreader to other trees,via insects resulting in many other cultivars ,souring their fruits,so to Dennis in Georgia I say,do not Bother,you will create problems you do not have now.
Personally I did what your neighbour wants to do.
This cultivar is the best fig in Israel,but not Georgia.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hi Wildforager and Young,

Thanks. This must be like what is in the pictures that were posted by someone else here, where he was putting his figs to get them out of the sun. Really neat.

I'm thinking that shadecloth over the birdnetting, just over the top of the netting frame, might keep some of the strong sun off the Celeste and maybe some rain, as well. Worth a try.


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