shear_stupidity(9B)February 4, 2013

Is anyone in Florida having any luck growing Poppies? I'd like to try to grow them from seed (like I did up north), but I've tried once before and failed.

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I never had any luck with them either. A lot of plants for zone 9 or 10 won't take Fl 9 or 10. They want Ca where it is drier. :o)

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

I sowed California poppy seeds (eschscholzia californica) in my garden a couple of Decembers ago (bought a seed pack at WalMart on a whim). The following spring the poppies yelled "hey...look at ME!" as they danced in their brilliant orange dresses. They definitely dominated the landscape. Another plus - the attractive finely cut blue green foliage that, unfortunately, eventually browned by early summer.

With the generous amount of seed heads that appeared (and within each one copious amounts of minute seeds) I thought I would have loads of self-seeded plants the following spring but, to my regret, only a few plants appeared here and there. I have a few self-seeded plants this year also. Hopefully this year I'll remember to look for seed packs so I can renew the display for next spring.

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I miss Oriental Poppies. And Lilacs. And Peonies. And, and, and... sighhhhh.

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June, I didn't know how else to reach you, but I got my Zinnia seeds yesterday! (Just didn't know it until today) Thank you so much! You were VERY generous!

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A lot of annuals will grow in the fall and winter here and last until spring if we don't get below freezing. But once our hot humid summers come they seem to melt. I love all the colors of the annuals but have lately been staying with tropicals that can survive our summers. Still I can't resist plants like cosmos or gallardia that self seed easily. :o)

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I'm still trying to find tropical foliage plants. So far, the list is fairly limited as to what's available locally. Selloum Philodendron, Schefflera, Elephant Ears, Bird of Paradise, Banana, and palm trees. What else IS there? I can't landscape my whole back yard with just those, it's too big of a space.
What tropicals do you have, Katkin?

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Shirley poppies grew for me last year - they were part of a wildflower mix. I'm gonna be trying again soon.When sowing outside, I scatter seeds & cover w/ compost or potting mix, instead of soil.

I also have good luck w/ prickly poppies - both white & yellow(Mexican) - basically a weed around here.

Poppies are 1 of my fave flowers = )

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