is a second crop of figs possible

joewormJuly 22, 2012

is there something that can be done to encourage a second crop of figs?


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generally there will be two crops, the first called Breba are from last years growth and the second crop will be smaller and form from new growth.

since you're in zone 9 the summer will be long enough for the regular crop to mature.

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would pruning now make any difference or help with the second crop?

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Try fertilizing w high phos like superphosphate, bonemeal, or regular phos.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I've had a second main crop in my greenhouse. So that's with a 300 day growing season. The key is you need a second spurt of growth. Pruning might do that in fact it has for me at times. But fertilizer and water can cause another growth spurt as well.

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thanks, i'll fertilize and then prune part of the tree and see what happens.

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