Fig trees leaves turn yellow and fall off.

nsl777July 23, 2008

I have a fig tree that is about 3 foot tall that I planted last year.It is in the sun most of the day.It lost its leaves last year,too.It survived the winter with no damage,so I'm thinking the tree is healthy.Anyway,I thought figs like the sun?Just within the last day or two most leaves have turned yellow.They also wilt during the day,but stiffen back up during the night.I planted a cutting that gets a few hours of sun in the afternoon,and its doing the same.Whats the deal?

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Hi nsl777, I assume these are in ground, are they getting enough water or over watering? Maybe too much fertilizer, give us some more info. The leaves will wilt when it gets too hot, you can look at other trees like maple trees and they do the same when it gets too hot.

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The answer is very simple. These figs are not getting enough
watering. Now do not go overboard! Too much water is equally
as bad or worse, specially if the soil is non self-draining.
Most likely, you have a good draning soil and all you have
to do is water more. You can have a quick feel of when
the soil dries up just by 'feeling' it with your hands.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I'm having the same problem with overwatering being the likely cause. It has rained here nearly every day since May and one of my potted figs has basically said enough. I drilled a couple more holes into the pot and have added a wick to help pull away some of the excess moisture, but I'm going to have to wait and see how it goes.

I repotted many of my figs into a more easily draining mixture, but I figured I'd leave the three largest alone (as I had repotted them last summer) but I never considered I'd see as much rain as we've had this spring/summer.


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What can you do for the Fig Tree to stop the leaves turning yellow and falling off? It is loaded with green figs and I don't want to loose them. I don't know what zone I am in.

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My fig tree is in a large pot and the leaves (some) are turning yellow and falling off. When do you transplant the fig tree? Will the tree do better in the ground rather than in the pot?

Thank you.

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