Figgers in SW Missouri?

jeremym(z6a MO)July 18, 2010

Hello to everyone,

I have always loved figs and never got to keep my own. I finally bought a dwarf fig through a catalog and planted it. It hasn't done too well. It can in the mail and I had to leave for several days, so I potted it in a large container with soil and some dry rabbit manure. I then watered that in and set it in the shady area. That was a couple weeks ago, should I move it into full sun now?

Are there any other fig keepers in Southwest Missouri? I'm in the Joplin area. I'd love to compare notes with anyone in the area as I plan on having multiple varieties to enjoy in the next couple of years.



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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)


Congratulations on growing your own fig tree. The main thing in any growing zone that experiences cold winters is growing varieties that will produce well for your climate. Not sure which variety of fig you bought from that catalog or how sure the quality is of that nursery. Be sure to check the info on these forums. Lots of good high quality free advice out there. Figs are a lot of fun. I have a felling this won't be your only one.


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Hi Jeremy,
i would not put in full sun all of a sudden , its best to do it slowly. You can give some morning sun or eve sun then pull back into partial shade and little by little plant will be able to handle more sun as time goes by. When doing this watch for wilting leaves if you see this put back in shade soon as possible. Eventually the plant will like full sun. Don't rush it, you will know when it can handle the sun high in sky .

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Jeremy, you might want to post a message on the Ozark forum and see if anyone has a fig tree on that forum. I'm not that close to you. I'm in Missouri at the other end of Hwy 44 in St. Louis. Hey, what fig did you get?

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jeremym(z6a MO)

Don't count me out! I'll be coming up to visit my sister some time in the next month. I'd love to talk about whether you might have some cuttings available.

I'm not not sure the variety that I received. I believe it was Gurney's that I ordered the tree from and it only had "dwarf fig" on it.

I'll go look for the Ozark forum. Thanks for the heads up.

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...."dwarf fig" from Gurney's is the brown turkey.

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Really? I guess if you prune it, any fig can be kept smaller. I would have guessed some other ones first though. Hey, but good to know!!!

Jeremy, sadly I only have a two year old Violette de Bordeaux. I have pinched almost all the branches to force my tree to ripen the main crop figs. So no cuttings. (I have a pic on the Figs4fun forum in my profile of my VdB.) I also have got a Mary Lane in March. But for cuttings, Herman on both fig forums sells cuttings on Ebay with free shipping in the spring, I'm not sure about the fall though. (like Hardy Chicago,Marseilles VS,etc..) Or you could order them from UC Davis. It will only cost you the shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nat'l Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit

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I used to grow a Brown Turkey in Joplin. I buried it every winter. It was not too productive. Hardy Chicago or Celeste are a better bet. Cuttings are more likely to be available in the fall. You can also buy plants. Jon at Figs 4 Fun is a good source as is Herman. There are also lots of nurseries. I generally prune mine in November-December here.


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Jeremy, are you okay???

We had no damage from the Good Friday tornado. Did you have damage??

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Jeremy, My neighbor gave me a potted and rooted cutting from his fig tree. We are located in Springfield Mo just up 44 from you. His tree is actkually a very large fig bush that is growing well with no protection outside. He advised me to plant oursd against the South wall of our house and thats just what I finished doing. Hope it lives through the winter. How is yours doing now?

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jeremym(z6a MO)


That's what I've always heard, put it on the south of a brick wall. I don't have that. I've lost the few I've had that were more exposed than that. I really hope yours survives this very very harsh winter we're having. Do you know what variety of fig you have? I LOVE fresh figs. I still may get one and see what I can do at some point. Thankfully I have thornless blackberry and some wild black raspberry for fruit, as well as gooseberries. But I'd love to have a good fig.

If you want to trade some starts next spring if I come through Springfield, let me know! Either way, let me know how your fig fairs.


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