3kids1grandFebruary 18, 2013

I live in Broward and i know the time to use a type of "weed and feed" is fast approaching. Any suggestions of what you use?

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That would greatly depend on the type(s) of weeds you're trying to control, the variety of grass you have, and the extent to which your lawn has weed problems (i.e., degree of infestation). Are you trying to prevent weeds or control existing weeds?

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I have St Augustine grass, trying to control dollar weeds. Pretty severe in a few places.

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Don't bother with a granular weed and feed product. It's funny, the Scott's "Bonus S" W&F has a picture of a freaking dollarweed on the package, but in my experience, dollarweed isn't bothered at all by the tiny amount of atrazine in that product. In fact, it seems to make the dollarweed grow better!

If dollarweed is the problem, use Image for St. Augustine and buy regular fertilizer for the lawn. This way, you're only treating the problem areas with the herbicide, and it's a much more effective product, too.

Dollarweed is very hard to eradicate, BTW. Multiple treatments will be necessary, and the best you can really hope for is control, not total elimination. You also can't use it when it's warm (although I've never found an answer as to why).

2,4-D (the active ingredient in Weed-B-Gone) works well against dollarweed, too, but regardless of what the label says, it will damage the lawn. It's cheaper than Image, though, so I use it around borders and in beds where I'm not concerned about damage to the grass.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Atrazine liq, in a sprayer, knocks out Dollar weed, I've already sprayed mine twice. Because we had rain, after first spraying.

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Atrazine used in temperatures over 80* will kill St Augustine grass, and very quickly from my own experience.

A possible issue to consider is how much water is being applied. Dollarweed loves wet soils and heavy irrigation.

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Thanks will digest info and go to Lowe's or HD and read labels.

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I live in Broward also and frankly used to have a horrible lawn trying to use the weed and feed myself. I hired Scott's lawn service which will give your lawn anything it needs for $35 a month, no contract required. My lawn looks terrific now.

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