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redpeonyJuly 25, 2007

Since we are now at least half way through enjoying what we have planted in our gardens for this year, I wonder what new things others are planning for their yard for next year.

I just placed an order for some peonies. I ordered Bowl of Beauty, Buckeye Belle, Mother's choice, Red Charm, Sword Dance and a double fern leaf peony. (did you notice the red theme in the peony colors!) All of these are ordered from Parkland Perennials.

I am planning to add some Daffodils and perhaps some more tulips as well.

I have also started my wish list for hostas for the spring time - but I have lots of time to change my mind on those!


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Pudge 2b

Bowl of Beauty is gorgeous - oh heck, they're all gorgeous.

I'm also planning to place a peony order from Parkland. I want late blooming doubles so the wish list includes AB Franklin, Ann Cousins, Chestine Gowdy, Manilla Beauty, Pink Parfait, Snow Mountain and Ramona Lins. I'd like to only order 5, so I have to decide which two not to get. I've been looking at that website for about 2 weeks trying to decide.

Just this evening I put in my Lily Nook order. Pink Pagoda, Grand Cru, Giraffe, Rodela, Royal Sunset, and Royal Star.

I don't think there's anything else I'll be ordering this fall but maybe some tulips will find their way, and I'd like to get more Purple Sensation Allium from Costco - hopefully they get them in again.

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I placed my Botanus order:

Pink Impression and definately more Ivory Floradale Darwin Tulips, they had such beautiful form and lasted a long time.

Florissa and Queen of the Night Single Late Tulips

Mixed snow crocuses

Fall flowering Crocus zonatus..Has anyone here tried these in Zone 1 or 2? They are new to me.

Music Garlic...Botanus has a big selection of garlic varieties this fall.

Some Mini Botanical Tulips...Turkestanica ( I thought would make a neat contrast to my Daystemon Tardas as their colors are opposite), Praestens unicum, and Pulchella Eastern Star

Freebies...Firefly snow crocus, Chrysantha Mini botanical tulip, Anemone blanda

I also ordered a roll of floating row cover for next year. If anyone's interested, William Dam Seeds had a lower price and more selection of what length you could order. I didn't see that until I had already ordered from Stoke's though :(

I'd sure like to order a couple martagon lilies for this fall. Will likely order from Parkland as well.

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wildie(z3 Alberta)

I ordered Yellow lady slippers (from private greenhouse), Rembrandt, Blueberry and Raspberry Tulips (from Vessey's), Cosmo's "candy stripe" (Seeds from T&M, as a replacement for a seed pkg that didn't germinate this year) I'll be making a bigger T&M order when the new catalog comes out.

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