fig cuttings showing roots, now what?

richdelJuly 7, 2014

So like the subject says, my Sicilian Red fig cuttings are finally starting to show roots. Multiple roots on 3 or 4 cuttings, anywhere from 1/2 inch to inch long. I have read that a clear cup filled with coarse vermiculite should be the next step. My question is this: Since I have roots, could I just go into soil and skip the vermiculite/humidor stage?

I see where some have had luck putting cuttings into soil, so I should be a little better off by planting cuttings that have roots already started. Any thoughts on this. If yes, any thoughts to the type of soil mixture that might help the cuttings? I currently up-potted my 3 purchased trees into 1 gallon pots with a 60/40 mix of hummus and perlite. They seem to be doing OK after several weeks. Would that be a candidate for soil mixture for these cuttings?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi, I place my cuttings directly in a course well draining mix of bark, perlite and soil. I use to go into vermiculite and perlite and if you water to much they rot. With a loose mix with lots of air pockets they seldom rot. As long as you keep them in a bin to keep up the humidity the roots love the large air pockets with high humidity. Here is a link to a video showing how I do it. Make sure to have a number of holes on the bottom and sides of the cups.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating fig tree cuttings

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Thanks a bunch for your reply. I have gone through several of your Youtube video's,and they are very informative. So even though my scions have multiple half-inch or longer roots, you still recommend putting them into a humidity-controlled space rather then going straight to pots with a light soil/soiless mix?

How often do you check on moisture while they are in this controlled environment? Reason I ask, I will be vacationing during this time and 1 week may be too long to go without checking on moisture conditions. Maybe I need to wait until I get home to do this...?

Thanks again.

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Just found out that all three cuttings I purchased have light brown scale on them. Couldn't tell from just looking at it with the eye, had to get a jewelers loupe (x60) and it became really evident that it was scale. Called the nursery PRIOR to diagnosing on my own, but they didn't call back. Now I know why.

I used my fingernal to remove about 30 pieces of scale combined from the 3 plants. Going to wait and see how fast it returns before trying to eradicate using 70% alcohol on a q-tip on the scale that comes back. Read where any type of insecticide shouldn't be used in temps over 85*, hard to find the time to do this during the summer. Will have to do it in the basement I guess.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.


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