Prune more to make it branch?

hifromprovidence(6)July 30, 2014

Just took back all of the big trunks that died back from the winter and now I have one decent looking leading branch that comes very low off one of these trunks. Should I just let this one go as high as it'll go this season or should I cut it back a bit so it'll thicken the base of it and allow it to branch? I must say I still don't understand pruning much at all despite what I read. Thanks. Anyone else out there in the same situation?

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it'll branch out sooner or later, right now its very stressed. i'd leave it alone till next spring.

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So it will branch without cutting? Maybe I'll stake it up so it doesn't break then. Thanks.

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yes it will branch on its own.

no need to stake it. unless theres a storm with gale force winds, like a hurricane or something.

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If you have a dog, staking is a good idea. My dog will trample anything without a stick holding it up.

It looks like you lost a well developed fig there. From what I've read here about the damage and death from the cold of this past winter I hope that northern fig owners learned not to be complacent and bundle them up from now on.

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It is a little late to nip it, seems like it now has apical dominance growing into a whip like plant .
Nipping it at this late date will not give newer emerging shoots that would grow into brnaches time to harden off before cold weather.

I would personally stake it so when time comes in your zone to protect the branch has less chance to snap.


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