Non Producrive Fig Trees

maizenbluedoc(8 SC)July 16, 2012

I have the following fig trees which are two years old: 1. Celeste, 2. Italian, and 3. Black Mission, of which only the Italian fig has very few figs. The other two do not have any fruit. All produced fruit last year. The only difference is that all were infested with the Kudzu Beetle (Megacopta cribraria) this year. While the beetles do not appear to have harmed the trees per se, the area where they were located has a black film-like substance on the branches. No leaves were eaten and the trees appear normal. I haven't done anything different this year; watering, fertilizing, etc. Anyone have any ideas why my trees are not producing? Thanks.

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How about applying Limestone ,to neutralize the soil.
Fig trees will not fruit in very acidic soil.
Soil become acidic in time especially if fertilizer were applied in the past.

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And check roots for nematodes infestation,they look like black round beans hanging on roots.
If no nematodes found apply thick mulch under tree and a lot of limestone,and next year your trees will make fruits.
They are 2 years old and they made fruits the first year?
Your trees are exhausted,for producing fruits too young.
Well they took a brake this year,but the Limestone and mulch are needed any way.

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You should not allowed the trees to produce fruit last year. I have some of my trees 2 years old and produced fruit this year but I thinned the fruit to let them grow and get bigger I never tried the lime stone. I think my soil is alkaline I had to add sulfur to increase its acidity for the blueberry plants. You can test your soil to determine the pH if it is 6 or over do nothing. If you grow blackberry, blur-berry or red-berry you have to get it down to 4

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maizenbluedoc(8 SC)

Thanks for the advice. I shall try using some granular lime next year.

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