Does anyone use that 'Myke Product' for your planting?

ostrich(3a AB)August 7, 2012

I see this "Myke Product" that is a fungal supplement which will supposedly improve the nutritional absorption through the roots, decrease water requirement and prolong the survival rate of perennials, shrubs and potted trees when you apply it directly to the roots as you plant them.

It is a pretty expensive thing though! I am wondering if anyone has any experience with it please? Do you use it at all and do you find it helpful to your plants please?

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There are literally thousands of different mycorrhiza species. Myke's I think has about seven in it. There is no guarantee that those species are the ones that your plants have a symbiotic relationship with.

Also, any outdoor soil will have lots and lots and lots of mycorrhiza already.

I did buy it one time, I don't think it helped at all.

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I have used it but to be honest it didn't do a damn thing. And it's not cheap either. Wud not get it again.

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I've used the darn stuff before, and if I recall, the shrubs died.

I use a liquid form of CIL Plant Starter if I can find it in the garage when I'm planting. It's in a yellow container with a green lid. I also use compost if I have some ready.

I'm not sure if the CIL is helping. Maybe, maybe not. Likely my shrubs, trees, and rose bushes would have survived anyway. When the bottle is empty I'm not likely to buy it again.

My soil has been almost completely unadulterated for the past 7 years, so that may have something to do with my thoughts on things surviving without use of anything other than water and compost. =:)

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I seem to remember reading something about mycorrhizae being one of the reasons against unnecessary soil tilling. It breaks up the fungal networks or something. I could be wrong. I've forgotten more than most people ever knew.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Thanks everyone for your input! I should have posted this question before parting my hard-earned cash on this product then! Oh well.... I guess I will try it on some shrubs and perennials to see what happens! :-) Thanks again!

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