Fig in pot suddenly dropping fruit

raee_gwJuly 27, 2014

I have a 3rd year (for me, since purchase) Chicago Hardy in a 5 gallon bucket, a mix of compost and potting soil, that has set fruit for the first time. It seemed that all was well, the plant looks healthy and I do not see any insect infestation.

The fruits have been enlarging slowly, and are still smaller than or about the size of the tip of my thumb. Two had started to color up purplish. Today I found that many of the fruits have dropped, including the two that were showing color.

The plant itself is not showing any signs of distress though -- not wilted, the leaves are uniformly green, not pale, and there are new buds on the tips of the branches.

It is on a south exposed patio, gets full sun until about 2:30 pm then is shaded.

Any ideas? Maybe this is normal (this is my first and only fig plant). Maybe it needs a bigger bucket?

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how large is the tree itself?

pictures would help

what soil mix? watering schedule? etc

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Hi, sorry for the delay in responding to your questions -- the bush is about 3 feet tall; potted in a mix of compost and potting soil (to the best of my recollection). It gets supplementary water only when it hasn't rained for 3-4 days (a rare occurrence this summer). I have fed it with Osmocote Plus and also a foliar spray.

Here are a few pictures:

Hope these help for ideas, thanks!

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the pics are tiny. hard to tell from them.

have you check the moisture in the soil? use a bamboo skewer and stick in as far as you can, wait a few minutes. pull it out and see if its wet deep in the pot.

if the leaves are ok, but the fruits dry up, it could possibly be not enough water.

it would also be beneficial to repot it in a bigger pot this winter.

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Thanks Houstontexas123. I was thinking it needed a bigger pot, but I was hoping not since I will have to haul it into the basement for winter (it is supposed to be hardy here, but I lost my previous attempt at that, so haven't been ready to try it in ground again. I don't have a good protected spot for it)

I will double check a few times on the moisture.

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When plant goes dormant slip out of 5G bucket and check to see if root system needs pruning.
When roots take over the mix when watered it does not get to the heart of the root ball and water runs to least resistance that being the sides.

Also if it happens to be the problem it can be reason for fruit drop as the plant has to drop fruit to survive above said condition and will keep declining if left unchecked.

Some plants drop fruit for other reasons but Hardy Chicago
is not one of those said plants.


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I gave it a good soaking and so far so good. Thanks, Martin, I will follow your advice come late autumn.

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