My Mission Fig Tree

dieselerJuly 18, 2010

Here is a newer plant i have. I was picking up some upm potting soil at a nursery for my small plants and saw hardy chicago and mission plants. Most all there mission plants had figs this 1 did not and since my cuttings failed for various reasons i decided why not . So i picked out plant i liked best. I did have a nice chat with the fella and he mentioned its Monrovia Mission fig these arrived from Visalia California recently which also was mentioned on tag as well. Hope to sample some figs next season.

Best Health


Near Chicago Zone 5

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wabikeguy(7 AB)


I planted a black mission fig about that size last October. I cut it back to get a multi branched tree and it has put on a lot of growth since then but still no figs.

This is no big deal with Mission figs? I expected some fruit this year.

Many of my first year cuttings (other varieties) have figs on them allready, and they were just little sticks in January.


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Hi Dave ,
i could not answer your question, i see no reason why mine should not get figs in future, how they taste in my climate is another story.
Time will tell thats for sure but not this season.

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Dave i was just out this morning useing up the little water left in rain barrel water ( rain tonight) and looked at the mission and there are some figs smaller than a pea on plant just wont ripen this season.
Would like to see yours if possible here with some leaf pictures.
Its fun and pictures are enjoyable to look at i wish more members would post them.

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

Congrats on your new tree.

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