Hydrangeas what's in full bloom now?

twroszAugust 28, 2009

Quick Fire started blooming away at least a good month ago. Little Lamb is full out and looking great.

What's in full bloom for you now? There are many varieties on the market, some seem to flower rather late though.


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Well I bought a Pinky Winky this spring and it is just starting to bloom now. I don't know if it will make it though the winter or not or if it will bloom again....only time will tell.

I tried PG hydrangea many years ago....it came through the winter and never bloomed.....got shovel pruned after a few years.


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Terry, I only have two hydrangeas and they are the same as yours.
Both in flower although the Quickfire has gone pink.
I wish I had bought Lime Light instead of Quickfire.
Neither of them were available in the local garden centres this year.

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Pudge 2b

Pinky Winky in my yard is just starting to bloom - late for sure, but it's been such a weird season - everything in my yard is late. Also I just planted it last year so the fact that it's blooming at all has me pleased, so far.

I planted Limelight this year and at the moment it's loaded with fully open blooms- gonna have to wait & see how it winters and if it does, how it performs. Hopefully good, I really like it.

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Annabelle has been blooming for a few weeks now and the flowers are the size of serving plates and tons of them on each plant. They're similar to the Limelight but I thinka cleaner colour and nicer. They have wintered over for many years and slowly increased in size

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I have had Pinky Winky flowering for about 2 weeks. I had just bought it about a month ago and the flower buds were just starting to form. The flowers come out white and then turn a dark pink from the bottom up. Gorgeous! It had a broken branch on it so I cut it off and started 2 more. They are very easy to root. My H. panniculata Unique is just now starting to flower. I've had that one for a few years and it seems to be slow growing. It gets the full north winds in winter so maybe that's why. Marg

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Endless summer hydrangea has been in bloom for about a month and still looks good, though the original bunches of blossoms are starting to dry up, there are other new ones opening.

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Greenland Nursery (just east of Edmonton) has several varieties grouped together in their display beds. Limelight is a substantial sized plant that was covered in blooms. Little Lamb is less vigorous, though is a beauty with its large pure white blooms ... very NICE!

From Dominion Seeds, I had received Early Sensation. Upon arrival, the small plant had quickly produced an awesome flower head, though basically had sat there afterwards and done nothing all season, I guess I probably should have pinched off the flower before it developed and let the plant focus on growing. I hope is survives and picks up speed next year, as it really was a looker!


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