Negretta Figs

dieselerJuly 18, 2010

Here is picture of some Negretta figs on tree that color early like my VdB but more of a bronze color for now , in my zone its a wait on figs to ripen each year while i enjoy members posted pictures of ripe figs now in warmer areas of country.

These should ripen around 6 to 8 weeks from now.

Best Health


Near Chicago

Zone 5

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

It's a very colorful fig. The leaf stems are even colored.
Here's the breba that was picked last month.


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Martin: Thanks for posting the picture of Negretta.

Bass: I have read that the Negretta is very cold hardy. Can you describe how the Negretta taste?

Thanks Bob

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Yes it seems colorful as summer arrives the leaf stems turn from early spring color of green to a reddish hue and some young leaves will display the veins as well like that i have observed in my climate anyways.
The figs seem to be taken on slight color of same as the days pass by.
Here is picture of last season,a difference of age and weather as last season was a very cool one here for my plants.
figs did not get chance to ripen but i should get taste this season as tree gets some seasons under its belt or should i say branches. ; )

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