Pictures of Brunswick, Kadota, and Alma

mountainman0826(z8B TX)July 15, 2006

Following are pictures of a Brunswick variant (aka Malcom's Supergiant, Patrick's Supergiant), Alma (a ficus carica - ficus palmata hybrid, and Kadota (aka Kadota. It is the same fig as a fig sold in coastal Texas as "Banana Fig".)




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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Correction: Kadota is aka Dottato.

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All I would like to know is: On a scale 1 to 10 how will they Compare in Flavor and Taste.
Thanks for answering ,Best regards

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Hi, Herman,

Hope all is well up NJ way. I always enjoy reading your posts.

My favorite fig in terms of flavor is Celeste. If we assign Celeste a value of 10 on a scale from 1-10, I would give the Brunswick I tasted today about a 6 or 7/10. The Brunswick has coarse, thick skin. The flavor of Brunswick is sweet and rich if it matures during a dry period. Fortunately, it has been hot and dry here for the last week. Alma is an excellent fig. It is sweet and has a delicate, subtle, spicy flavor. I would score the Alma 8/10. The Kadota is the sweetest of the three figs in the picture. In fact, it is arguably the sweetest of any of the approximately 50 fig varieties in my collection, with the possible exception of White Texas Everbearing. However, although Kadota is a great fig, it does not have as strong a fig flavor as Mission, Adriatic or many of the other varieties. It is great for drying because of its thick skin. I would give Kadota 8/10. I would rank Adriatic and Mission 9/10 in terms of flavor. Adriatic is even more desirable because of its reliable abundant crop. Mission is not quite as sweet as Adriatic but has a very strong fig flavor. To me, figs are like pizza. Even when they're average, they still taste pretty good!

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photodude(Blueberry Cap)

They all look nice and juicy, I can't wait for my figs to ripen!

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Thanks Mountainman for Explanation,but i would like to know wich Celeste you are talking about.
Is it The UCDAVIS Celeste or other source?.
I agree certain Celeste are THe Benchmark of best Tasting Figs ,but it can be only a Original one and a lot of Impostor Celeste.
Finally i have a small rooting cutting of UCDAVIS Celeste and another one (Blue Celeste>From Jon in San Diego.Also have a very good one from a friend in Maryland but it does not match Givan description,for one item: It has a red eye from when very young.
I also have one from Lowes chain store ,(Had>one from,Miller nurseries,and one from Home Depots.The last three are Impostors.
I am doing a little better lately(healthwise),Thanks God ,Regards

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

I have several Celeste trees that were cuttings from heirloom trees; one is from a tree that has grown since the very early 1900's at an old home in south Austin, Texas, another from the site of a Lutheran Church in Giddings, Texas. Two more Celeste trees were sold to me as "White Italian" and "Nero Caesar" by TyTy Nursery. Another fig that I bought from them that later died, Tennessee Mountain, was also Celeste. Its figs were almost identical to the other Celeste, but were slightly larger. (This is not an endorsement of TyTy!) It's always a gamble when you buy fig trees from the big chain stores. Several figs that I bought from Home Depot were incorrectly identified. A fig that was labeled "Celeste" at Home Depot was actually "Mission"! Another that was labeled "Texas Everbearing" was actually "California Brown Turkey" or "Blackjack". None of the figs that I consider to be Celeste have a red eye when they are immature. The figs on all of them are small, pinkish violet with darker ribs when ripe and have a rosy pulp. They produce one crop that matures in June or July, later if the figs are on growth from a tree that froze to the ground the previous winter.
Following is a picture of "Celestial" from Dave Wilson's Nursery that is typical of the features that I consider characteristic of "Celeste"

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Thanks Mountainman

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This is the first time seeing a PENNY as a size reference for
figs! Looks like my (tiny) Celeste which I got from a
forgotten CV about 15 years ago. Looked at the immature
eye and no red there either...
George (NJ).

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Here is a picture of "Nero Caesar". Looks and tastes like Celeste to me!

a href=""; target="_blank">

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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

Can someone tell me about when I can expect the Alma to start ripening?
I planted it this last June, it is loaded with little figs.

Thanks, Cecil

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Here are some photos of Kadota figs I picked today:

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