Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus has black edges and dried black stem leaves

pimpette95July 9, 2013

Help! I got this 14" pot tree from a nursery and have been really excited with my first indoor tree. I got it 3 weeks ago and the soil looked really dry. So I watered it once it got home with a whole pitcher of water. Recently, it has these black edges on about half of the leaves. It's in a 14 pot and I'm not sure if it's from overwatering or from when I wiped down the leaves with a cloth when it first came home. I really want to save this as it's a gorgeous 5' beauty.

I recently moved it to the patio so it can get more indirect sunshine and plus it's summer here.

Please help! Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you.

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How much sun is it getting? Looks like it's getting burnt or too much fertilizer.

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It was indoors before moving it outside like in the photo taken. I was concerned that it was too dark inside and plus, I wanted to remove the saucer and give it some air. It's currently in bright shade as the deck is north facing.

I have not given it any fertilizer at all yet.

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