what is wrong with my hardy chicago fig (pic)

norman2012July 1, 2013

Leaves are turning yellow and falling. Its been in the 90s here the last couple weeks, but Ive been watering it.

Most of my other (non fig) trees are fine.

Can anyone help?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Most likely it's too dry. In that size pot it would need watering every day in summer. It could also be root bound which would compound the problem. Consider potting up or repotting next winter.

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You may want to pull tree up and out to check rootball.
If potting mix is compact and or rootbound where its mostly roots when you water it just gets to the outer roots and not to heart of rootball.

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Pot too hot,in the sun.
Remedy:Bury the pot,about half in tre ground,but drill more holes on the bottom side of pot so roots will go in the ground and feed when they need to,or when you forget to water.

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interesting idea herman I dont own my land though so cant dig. It does look much better today after two days of watering it. and it is in potting soil not topsoil so it does dry out and I wasnt watering it everyday like fruitnut said.

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You can pull it out and put it in a walmart reusable bag (the blue ones). After you move it, I would keep it in the shade for a few days.

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I put it in the shade, and watered it more. Its back to normal now. thanks for the replies.
It was in potting mix that is very light and would dry out quickly in the heat

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