Ficus Benjimina losing leaves

chezronJuly 24, 2014

I have a large Ficus benjamina in a high-ceiling living room that gets lots of sun from the north and east. I repotted it last year and it grew at least two feet. It is easily over 6 feet tall. It has no signs of insect pests or disease and appears very healthy. I roll it outside to water it and water it deeply about once every 2 weeks. It has always been okay with this. I have not fertilized it lately. I think a year ago I threw a handful of Osmacote on the soil. I have had the tree for 3 years. It has been losing a several leaves a week for about a month. They yellow and drop and seem to come from all over the tree. It is not a lot but it is troubling and not normal. Does anyone have any ideas why?

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