Norland apple is ready for harvest if......

Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)August 7, 2006

it looks like this and want to store a couple of month in the fridge!

Hot weather sure has pushed harvest season ahead!....sprout sunshine plum is getting

yellow already!


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Hi Konrad,

I definitely agree it's an earlier harvest. For me, my Norlands, which are early in most years, have been ripening for about two weeks already.

I find, however, that by the time the Norlands are all reddish in color they are no good, too mealy/mushy inside (maybe it's just me as I prefer them crisp and juicy). I try to pick them when they just have a slight blush to them, maybe only on one side. It's hard to do though, as they go from "just ripe" to "over ripe" very quickly, especially with the recent heat.

Does anyone have wasp problems? Would you believe the wasps eat craters in the over ripe apples? At first I thought it was birds doing that.

The nice thing about Norland though is that the tree is such a dependable producer and the apples do taste decent.
Plus, no matter how much I trim the tree, there still seem to be fruiting branches left.

As for my Sept Ruby, no apples this year. I blame that on two reasons, the first being my major pruning job this spring. The second maybe that it producers heavier in alternate years. Oh well, the Norland gives enough for my use.

Enjoy your harvest!


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Your Norlands look beautiful, Konrad! The harvest sure is early this year, even the grain crops have been coming off for the past two weeks already.

Glen yes there is a horrible wasp problem this summer - they multiply exponentially during hot dry weather - and we had an early spring to get them started. When I had a plum tree I remember they used to eat holes in the plums too. I found an underground nest of wasps next to my house last week and sprayed some wasp spray down the hole, and they don't seem quite as bad now. If they live underground, does that mean they are yellow jackets? I have been stung twice in the past two weeks >:0( But I haven't seen any action at the nest so I think I got them all.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Sorry you got stung. I think I have a wasp nest under the concrete front steps. The thing is, it's sort of hard to spray unless I know exactly where under the stairs the nest is.

I tried one of those glass jar-type wasp traps and while they work, they really haven't trapped too many wasps so far. Okay, I admit I find it amusing/entertaining everytime one gets trapped in there because it's my way of getting back at the little pests.

So far though, aside from over ripened apples, they seem to be attracted to barbequed meat. Maybe I should just stuff my wasp trap with that, lol.


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I had picked the Norlands today, as they had already begun to fall from the tree ... now that's an early harvest! They have not colored up much, but the flavor is good and that's what counts! If I were to wait much longer for them to turn red, well they'd all be on the ground and too soft and mushy.

Konrad, I did get a Sprout's sunshine plum to take from those grafts you had given, it's now already about 5 feet tall!

Glen, I'm actually surprised at the low numbers of wasps and hornets this season. In the spring there had been so MANY that I was sure we'd be totally over run with them! Some years they make a complete mess of the raspberries, but despite the HOT and DRY summer, there had been none while we were picking away. Once I had actually tossed back a berry with a yellow jacket upon it, and yea I had gotten stung on the tongue!


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Thank you all!
I should have mentioned, my Norland is grown outside town, well pruned and gets sun all day long, this makes a big difference.
A Norland grown amongst other trees, or the sun can't reach into the cluttered branches, or in town, gets shaded, so you are right Glen, when waiting until the apple is red, it's too late.
The apples in the picture are still firm and crisp, none have fallen off.

September Ruby is usually a heavy producer, not self thinning as the Norland, have thinned them out this year to help get a crop every year.
Sprout's sunshine plum is a fast growing plum and find a very reliable producer!
I have witnessed the same with wasp as you Terry.
Very high numbers in spring and not many at all now, not even a problem with Evans Cherry picking. Last year was very bad, you almost had to wear a Vail

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

All those wasps must have moved east because, like Glen, we've had a real wasp problem around here this summer. My husband has killed three nests so far. They got me twice while working in one garden, darn things. Owie! He thinks he got that nest - it was in the ground - but i haven't gone over to test that theory yet!

The only fruit trees we have are two Nanking cherries and the wasps don't seem to bother them. It's the robins we have to contend with!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

>>He thinks he got that nest - it was in the ground - but i haven't gone over to test that theory yet!

Better stay away for a while and watch from a distance!

One more thing with Norlands, always a sure thing, when the seeds are still white, they are nice and crisp.

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Seven years later: my Norlands are very red, have started to fall, are delicious and juicy (have made apple crisp a few times). It seems (can anyone confirm?) that I should pick them all now, put them into the crisper part of the fridge? I suppose I will start making applesauce and juice/cider (not fermented, just "with pulp").

Who else has heard that applesauce "needs" more than one variety of apple? I have other types but they are not ripe yet (Primavera/Olympic, Freedom).

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Yes, pick them all!
One tree I cleaned yesterday, a couple more and tomorrow will be juiced most of them.

In the crisper you can keep them several weeks or month if the seeds are still on the white side.
No, you don't need others for sauce, Norland is perfect for this.

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What root stock is on the Norlands mentioned above?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

WOW..7years later Randy, ..crazy how time flies!
That tree from picture above is resting this year,..only had about 10 apples on this year.

I also picked some Parklands, Harcourt and Rescue Crab, all these ripen about the same time.

northernmn, I grow my own seedlings, from crab and others I grow.

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Wonderful pictures! Bring back great memories. In my current location I do not have a Norland, but I did grow a Norland tree for about 15 years in my previous location in 'northern' Ontario, zone 3. I concur with comments made in this forum about the need to pick Norland apples early. Here, somewhere between the 12th and the 20th of August the seeds start to turn from white to half-white-half-brown. They must be picked about then and kept in perforated plastic bags in the fridge, where they will be preserved in good condition for many weeks. If early harvest is not done, a week or so later most of the crop will be lost to internal breakdown of the fruit ripening on the tree.
While cider or sauce may be best if you can combine several varieties of apples, I have enjoyed both the sauce and the juice of Norland alone.
There was one exception to the breakdown of the Norlands on the tree. In the times before I knew anything about fruit-thinning, my early-teenage Norland tree had a crop of about six bushels (1200 (!) apples) and that year the quality was superb. This result made me think that perhaps smaller crops of fruit get too much of some soil nutrient, and so it may be beneficial to grow Norlands without much fertilizer (...compost too perhaps) and in poorer soil...just a hunch.

Regarding wasps, an infestation such as I had never seen before destroyed much of my crop in 2012, but then in 2013 there was no wasp damage at all (nor raccoons, nor bears); I don't know why. I was amused that one of the writers in this forum had also initially blamed birds for the fruit damage, as I also had. But it was wasps in 2012 all right. I could take an apple that had 'bird pecks' in it, either from the ground or right off the tree, shake it, and as many as four or five wasps would fall out of the hole. Also, I eventually was able to observe the wasps' gnawing at unblemished apples and starting their own holes in the fruit.
Finally, I suspect that the wasps in the apples are not the nasty ones nesting in the ground. If no one is being stung I tend to let the ground wasps go about their business as I believe they are predators of more harmful insects such as caterpillars. The ground wasps are meat-eaters, while the yellow-jacketed wasps that crawl out of my apples are vegetarians it would seem. And while the ground wasps are aggressive stinging creatures, the vegetarian wasps seem to me mild in temperament, and while a nuisance, can be shoed away with the back of a hand without retaliating. Of course they come right back, so hand waving is not an effective strategy, except in the very short term....

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