Ronde de Bourdeaux, Votata, White Marseilles, Celeste

Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)July 8, 2010

Good day, well harvest time has begun in my neck of the woods. I've been picking figs since last week and boy I must say I having fun. In this thread, I picked some Ronde De Bourdeaux, Votata and Celeste figs. By far, the sweetest and best tastings was RdB with Celeste second and Votata coming third! I have been watching my RdB tree in the ground since I noticed a mockingbird hanging around the side of my fig orchard. And sure enough, I saw a fig getting ripe! It truly amazes me how fast a fig can change colors over night! We've had super hot weather in the Carolinas this year and the figs are getting ripe now! Well, I chased the mockingbird away but he ended up getting the one fig on top. However, he did not see the one on the bottom. The figs on my tree are perfectly round! The RdB did not have a figgy taste, but a very sweet taste. The Votata was sweet with crunchy seeds and a honey taste and the skin was tough. The celeste was very good but small. Several of my celeste trees are in containers and they get stressed easily and drops some fruit.

In thi pic below is my White Marseilles, Orgeon Prolific and Ronde de Bourdeaux. I ate these before I could take a picture of them inside! Yes, they were great!

I should have left the White Marseilles on the tree for about 3 more days. I also have some Marseilles VS figs almost ripe. I love the dark purple color on the MVS. Its in a container on my deck and the bird won't come on my deck unless they like pellets! HOW BOUT THOSE FIGS!!!! Enjoy the pics! Dennis

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Well alright there Dennis !
Thanks for descriptions and pictures.
I was interested in Ronde De Bordeaux and was hoping it was just not another sweet tasting fig in my area - time will tell with mine starting next season i not let figs go full season on mine as tree is young.
If it is just plain sweet it better produce very well so i can dry em or it goes bye bye.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Martin, it is definately a tree to get! I wish I had 5 or 6 of these babies! My tree is only 2 years old and I planted in the ground this spring and just kept watering it every day and added some fertilizer and it kept growing. I got mine from Bass last Spring and I had to keep repotting it cause it kept growing. I got a large Schar Italian from Bass also, but I have it in a 3 gallon superpot. It's got several figs on it and one is turning brown fast. I'll post some pics of it later. Cheers, Dennis

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Dennis yes its 1 of my fastest young growers, i had one last spring that grew fast as well and thought it died in dormancy it bounced back . I have posted pictures of these 2 recently and in past. I may try a graft on one of them next spring useing 1 of my problem child figs. Both of mine also came from Bass.

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giants_2007(10 PSL FL Sal)

That Ronde de Bourdeaux sure is a nice looking fig nice to hear of its good taste and productivity

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I know this is an obvious question but I have to ask if these are breba. If so I agree with your assessment of the Marseilles White. Interestly I have never had a Celeste breba even though I have several different varieties of celeste and I don't have a RdB.

While I need to learn to be patient and take photos of my ripe figs, my Sicilian Black had about 20 large breba figs that were amazing. This is the first year my SB provided breba and I rate it as my best breba fig.

My Desert King (AKA Zumwalt) comes in second place but provides only a few breba and the main crop drops. I am at the point I am going to decrease my inventory and stick with the best producers.

Thanks for the photos and your assessment they are great.


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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Yes, Bass is the MAN! I love my RdB. I'm going outside this evening and going to air-layer one limb! Thanks, Sal!
Vinnie, these were not breba. Here in the Carolinas, it got hot here QUICK. In March we were in 80 degree weather. Plus I had these trees in my greenhouse over the winter. They went dormant but not below 30 degrees. It got down to 30 degree in that greenhouse but I controlled the temperure and by the time March came, my trees were all leafed out and ready for the world! I got 2 MVS figs that have swollen up and I want to pick it! That darn mocking bird got to one of them! I hate birds but I love chicken! Next year I'm going to have a lot more figs and I'm going to have to place a lot of netting around my trees.

I have 2 Zumwalt trees. They are fast growers for me and both are in 5 gallon buckets, but I this Fall I have to transplant them to the ground. Below are some other figs about to get ripe.

Here is a picture of mother RdB fig

Here is my mother White Marseilles tree:

Here is my Dark Portuguese

Here are 2 of my Black Madeira figs. When I got these last year they were sad but look at them now! I place them in these superpots because I wanted super roots. These trees had mosaic virus but with the extra fertilzer I think its going away. Time will tell. I have 4 other BM I propagated from cuttings, they are growing nicely too.

Here is a picture of Stella. This tree has taught me a lot about figs. This tree is 3 years old. It did not produce until last year and I only got 2 figs from it but they were the sweetest of all. Last year I had this tree in total sun and blistering afternoon sun and little shade. Well the direct heat was too much sun and the tree grew very slowly. This year I place it in morning sun...about 2 hours and the rest is all shade. I started watering it twice a day and feeding it more and now I got 6 figs and a few little figlets popping out.

So, I started placing others in the shade. I'm going to start in thread and show the picture of those. Cheers, Dennis

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