The Disappearing Lakeview Jasmine

floridajane(Bonita Springs z10)February 14, 2009

We had a hedge of Lakeview planted in front of our last house and boy do we miss the subtle smell of those blooms!

Our gameplan was to plant that same hedge in front of our new house, but I haven't been able to find this jasmine anywhere!

Today I called a local nursery and finally got an answer why: Apparently there is a new insect that for the last two seasons has been hitting the Lakeview particularly hard, so in order for nurseries to stock it they have to give it a lot of spray, which in turn costs them too much, therefore most nurseries have given up on the Lakeview.

Does anyone know any more details about this??


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Jane, it's called citrus greening. Because the fruit does not ripen and stays green.
Lakeview is related to citrus - orange jasmine - Murraya.

It's spread by Diaphorina citri, citrus psyllid.

It's not the spraying. All host plants have to be grow under screen to keep the insects out.

Florida has had it since 1998, but it was only recently discovered that Murraya was a host for not just the insect, but also for the disease.

There's no cure BTW, and nothing yet available for the home grower to spray with.


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floridajane(Bonita Springs z10)

Ah! What a shame... I certainly hope that someone can come up with a remedy.

corrie22 thanks so much for clearing this up for me!


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