Is this a Kadota?

rafedJuly 16, 2010

I purchased a ( Monrovia ) Kadota tree about two years ago from a local nursery. It is in a 15gl. pot and stands about 5' or so at ground level. It is loaded with small figs this year.

I am posting these pics of the leaves and fruit and hope some of you can help confirm it is a Kadota.


Thanks for looking


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Positivelly Kadota,Yes,it is.
Now how well it will ripe fruits in your climate that has to be seen.
In my climate I can see it would like more Sommer heat every Sommer.
This Sommer it started right and early so it wilkl produce close to the maximum quality a Kadota can.
But last year and 2008,it did not properly ripe fruits ,just mediocre quality due to cold Sommers.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

Looks like my Kadota.

I have the opposite problem Herman. Temps in the 115 range again today coupled with wind. Fruits ripen but are thick skinned and leathery.


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Since we're on the subject... I found something in CA last year that I thought was Kadota. Check out the pics..

I wish I had a pic of the flesh but just so you know it was yellow/white inside. These figs were not real flavorful. Is this Kadota?

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No,Kadota is amber to dark amber,inside.
Your fig has some color on outside ,and seem to be a hybrid,especially,because you found it randomly.
Do not label it Kadota,because another missnamed fig will go arround.

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Thank you Herman and Dave for your input. I'm at ease now.
The tree I have is a beauty!

Little John,
You have email


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Thanks for the tip herman. I guess I'll have to keep trying to figure that one out.

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