Is this an Italian Honey Fig tree??

joe_grandinettiJuly 31, 2008

Hi all,

I purchased this tree as an "Italian Honey Fig" from "Petals From the Past" a couple of months ago.

The tree arrived with some small leaves in a 1/2 gallon pretty good shape. No fruit this year, too immature. I re-potted and is progressing very nicely.

However, as I've looked around this foruma and on the web, I'm having a hard time definitely ID'ing this tree's foliage as an Italian Honey Fig.

This is my first attempt to post a photo...hope it works.

Thank you,


Here is a link that might be useful: Italian Honey Fig?

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peg919(Z6 CT)

The foliage doesn't look anything like my Italian Honey.


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Joe, Looks a lot like my Magnolia/Brunswick.

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It is not Italian Honey for sure.
Can be Brunswick,but not necesary.
There are many figs,that have leaves like Brunswick ,so you can prove us wrong,next year when hopefully you will have ripe fruits to show.

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When I ordered the tree, this is the list of fig trees they had available. I'm familiar with the Brown Turkey and Celeste characteristics, does it resemble any of the others? (maybe got mix up in packaging)

Brown Turkey
Green Ischia
Italian Honey
LSU Purple

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Alma - No
Brown Turkey - No
Celeste - Maybe*
Green Ischia - No
Italian Honey- I don't think so
Lemon - I don't think so
LSU Purple - No

While the leaves do not look like what is commonly referred to as 'Celeste' in the south, it does look like a tree labeled as such that I picked up late last year in a local nursery.


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stevec(Z6b MD (DC suburbs))

Does not match my IH ... in looking at my orchard the closest match is Violette de Bordeaux (Negronne). Once you get some fruit you will have a much better shot at making a determination.


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